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Blockchain start-up Ambisafe is best known for playing an integral part in the successful ICO

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Blockchain start-up Ambisafe is best known for playing an integral part in the successful ICO launches of some of the leading projects like Polybius, Chronobank, and TaaS.

[Note: This is a press release.]

Orderbook By Ambisafe

Still underway, the Polybius ICO has now raised over $25.48 million dollars, and the TaaS ICO has raised over $7.5 million dollars from nearly 4,000 different investors. Now the company is set to repeat its magic with Orderbook.

Ambisafe’s new project Orderbook, is a cryptocurrency trading platform, specializing in Ethereum-based ICO tokens. According to the company’s latest press release, the platform is designed to offer all its users the highest levels of security currently available with the help of Ethereum smart contracts. The platform also ensures that all tradable assets on Orderbook are maintained “on-chain,” for reliability, transparency, and security.

Like most of the leading trading platforms, Orderbook makes all asset information readily available to its users. It also includes information on the trading protocols, dividend history, transaction volumes and analytics from trusted cryptocurrency sources. In addition to these features, Ambisafe has stated that the Orderbook exchange platform will aim to streamline all operations to ensure transparency for both traders and the creators of the ICOs and crowdsales.

Ambisafe seeks to make Orderbook stand apart from rest of the exchange platforms by providing superior transparency.  The smart contracts used by the platform provides ready access to trade history for an audit to verify against any possible manipulation of data.  The Orderbook trading interface plans to offer users additional information regarding different ICO companies and will be able to receive dividends directly from traders.

The unique platform will soon be made available by Ambisafe to the cryptocurrency community. The product will be released in its alpha form, to be perfected in due time followed by an official launch.

Images courtesy of Ambisafe

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