The Parachute8 Platform – Built on Blockchain Technology utilizing Smart Contracts to secure personal information, providing users with a Private Key – Users are in control of their data.

Salida, Colorado, March 4, 2018, The team at Parachute8 were happy to announce the pending launch of their ICO Pre-Sale in March. They have also completed their Whitepaper and it is available online here. Parachute8 provides solutions for businesses and individuals wanting to achieve personal sovereignty in the digital ecosystem. The company specializes in decentralized tools for identity management and privacy in the digital landscape, using blockchain technology to give clients privacy, control and ownership of their personal information.

Parachute8’s proprietary algorithms provide security to participating individuals and companies. Customers will have the right to choose how, where and when any of their information can be accessed. Nearly every facet of information that is currently sent to third parties, from legal and medical records, to personal identification and lifestyle preferences, has a conduit for the customer to send secure information through a Smart Contract. Individuals can update their information in real time. For the first time in history, through a secure public/private key, personal sovereignty can be achieved holistically. Its imperative individuals own their information. This concept has been in development for nearly two years, and the company is now ready to bring their product to the public.

During a recent interview, Founder, and CEO, Ashlie Arnold said, “This industry has been ripe for disruption for a long time. Most people are finally taking notice. With all the major instances of identity theft and promises of secure information – or what they thought was secure information – it is becoming abundantly clear that we are all walking data breaches at this point. Parachute8 has made it a mission to create and provide a secure digital experience, for everyone across the globe.”

L.M. Lake, CFO added, “We realize how big the problem of privacy already is, and it’s only going to get worse with time. We have generated a fantastic way to give all people a way to protect themselves, without completely removing themselves from the grid. Most people are starting to hear about blockchain technology, but most still have little idea what it is, and how it works. We are at the forefront of utilizing the technology to benefit individuals. We have seen that a tremendous amount of data is being unknowingly shared, by individuals, and in many cases, this data is being used to make false assumptions in predictive analytics. Parachute8 is dedicated to bringing order, standardization, truth, and privacy.”

Arnold furthered, “The lack of privacy is digging deep into virtually all of society. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and locked down.”

Cleve Lewis, Head of Business Development, added, “It’s a fascinating time for Blockchain Technology. It’s imperative that we take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and all our assets through secure protocols. Most individuals tend to feel pretty helpless when it comes to cybersecurity, because it isn’t easy to see or even identify, and when they finally do notice, it’s often too late. That problem of feeling helpless is exactly what Parachute8 solves, coupled with an open, transparent line of communication.”

The Parachute8 ICO Pre-Sale is an excellent opportunity to become part of the launch of a new concept in controlling one’s personal data. Early adopters will take advantage of discounts. Participants will be coming in on the ground floor of a company that is positioned to globally disrupt secure identity management, across every sector and vertical.

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