December 27, 2017, US Registered Company, Paygine LLC have started Pre-ICO aiming to raise 3,000,000 USD investments. Paygine project is founded by group of international experts and based on existing technology.

Project details and timeline

The idea of creating an open financial platform based on our own banks originated at the beginning of 2017. At that time, together with the partners we were launching a remittance solution for transfers from USA to Mexico using cryptocurrency. An IT solution was developed, which complied with all legal and regulatory requirements and confirmed the feasibility of our business.

It seemed to us that we had a little left to do – just to come to agreement with the banks. And then the whole bunch of problems began. As soon as we informed the bank that we would make bitcoin-based payments, we immediately received a refusal, despite all the compliance documents and legal opinions provided.  We faced the same problem in Europe, when we tried to set up a channel for dispensing cash for money transfer. All the solutions were complex with a multitude of intermediaries and did not guarantee a stable operation for more than 1-2 months. At the same time, we obtained an affirming legal opinion confirming that we complied with all applicable KYC and AML requirements. But this did not help us either — banks and financial institutions simply refused to work with us when they heard the term “bitcoin”, without any substantial explanations.

We faced another problem in the US and Europe –  even in negotiations with some financial institutions, after hearing the word “bitcoin”, it turned out that the institutions simply did not have the opportunity to work under the White label scheme, providing through the API a full list of services that we needed. This resulted in our clients being forced to contact counterparties directly, and having to submit a whole list of documents and use their interface, etc.

Upon further research, we learnt that more than 79% of all start-ups and SMEs working with crypto-currency face these similar two problems (albeit in different forms). At the moment, according to various industry estimates, the capitalization of crypto-currencies has exceeded USD300 billion and almost all this money is inaccessible to the traditional financial sector and the man on the street!

The above reasons eventually led to our decision to create a new platform to provide solutions to cryptocurrency issues to the wider market.

We have an excellent IT system and Best2Pay payment gateway, providing services to more than 50 banks on the White Label basis. Our network only lacked our including our own banks. Therefore, after much deliberation, we decided to create a fundamentally new platform for providing such services to the financial and crypto-business sectors which will be based on several banks and financial organizations in different parts of the world, united by a single IT system with open API and will work on the White Label basis, simplifying many procedures and further developing to our customers’ own brands.

Our main difference from similar projects is that we are not creating a crypto-bank — we are building a platform to alongside the structure of traditional banks. All technologies, internal procedures and systems will be specially created for these banks to work with crypto and fintech. In additional, our platform will comply with all KYC / AML requirements and local legislation.

Our platform will be created to serve FinTech and crypto-business. Only by having banks we will be able to have full control on technology and decision-making process when dealing with a new rapidly developing FinTech community.

We are not emphasizing our brand — we enable our clients to develop their products and services under their own brand, providing them with a financial and legal «umbrella» globally, anywhere in the world. Our clients will be able to focus on business development and marketing, without thinking about reporting to regulators, compliance with KYC / AML, as it is our area of responsibility,” says Kirill Radchenko, CEO Paygine / Best2Pay.

In order to implement this project, we registered a new company in the US and decided to do ICO following US legislation. This causes confusion among many of our colleagues who say that we have chosen the most difficult path — yes, this is our conscious choice, since we are confident of the success of our project and we would like to make sure that our investors will get best protection possible!

Compliance with all requirements of US law requires us to follow KYC / AML procedures for all investors, investors from US should be accredited to be able to participate in Pre-ICO and ICO. Such way we can guaranty that our business will not accept “gray” money, and give our investors a guarantee that our project is not just another fraud.

An additional distinctive feature of our project is that we build it on the basis of a successful business and an proprietary IT platform, which has proven itself and currently used by than 50 banks.

Officially our project was presented at Singapore Fintech Festival in November 2017 and we were the only ones who offered such a solution. Our platform sparked a great interest among the exhibitors and everyone asked the only one question — when are you going to start? All the participants of the conference confirmed the only one thing: now there is no solution on the market that could quickly and conveniently connect the worlds of crypto and fiat currencies, and all existing solutions are not reliable or do not have an open API and White label.

ICO details

The PGC token (the Paygine Coin) will be the basic object of purchase during the ICO. A finite number of tokens (151,750,000 PGC) will be issued. 66 million PGC tokens will be offered for acquisition during ICO, including 3,000,000 tokens during pre-ICO.
Another obvious benefit for investors is the bonus that we are going to offer (up to +40% more tokens at the Pre-ICO stage).

Protection for investors

Paygine is registered in the USA and is running ICO in compliance with US laws. It guarantees the investors that their interests are protected by the US laws and by the publicly available smart contracts.

PGC token will be used as a payment tool inside the platform: one can pay the platform services fees or to purchase goods and services offered by the platform’s clients. PGC token is pegged to US dollar (1 PGC = 1 USD), thus excluding the risks for investors (both private persons and legal entities) in case of token price fluctuations.

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