Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics are, for most people, fancy words to use on their LinkedIn profiles. However – the application of these technologies have a deep impact which might as well change the future of technology as we know it. Peculium is one such platform committed towards bringing in a change in the way cryptocurrency investments are handled!

Peculium offers a platform which analyzes cryptocurrencies and predicts which of them is likely to make the most profit – thereby driving investor funds towards a particular currency. It is one of the smartest AI powered systems which is all set to change the way we look at investments.

What is Peculium?

Peculium makes use of AIEVE Artificial Intelligence technology and machine learning to understand how the each cryptocurrency is currently moving – and where they are heading. The platform helps predict whether a cryptocurrency is likely to gain more price or lose value – thereby driving investments towards it or disinvesting in it.

Big data analysis and machine learning help Peculium understand how a currency is moving. The system has records of various other cryptocurrencies and how their graphs have been over the years. It compares the current scenario of a currency with other cryptocurrencies to understand how they are moving and where they are headed.

Interestingly, while cryptocurrencies do not follow a particular set of economic rules – they tend to show some ‘trends’ and ‘patterns’ which are repeated from time to time. Peculium makes use of these repetitions to predict the movement of the currencies.

This video provides an insight into how Peculium functions:

The Peculium ICO: Invest in the ICO And Get A Bonus of 10%

The Peculium ICO is an interesting opportunity to invest into the platform and get the PCL cryptocurrency tokens. The PCL tokens will be used to make all transactions and payments on the Peculium network. The ICO is currently open and will continue till Wednesday, the 24th of January. Those who invest in Peculium before the deadline are bound to get a 10% bonus as well!

More details on Peculium are available on the official website:

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