Take a look at websites like Twitch, Youtube, or Own3d, and you will see it; gamers are everywhere. Occupying a 105 billion dollar market share, have become so popular, that they have surpassed film to become the world’s number one way to be entertained.

The way people seek entertainment has changed forever, while, as we all know, the blockchain is changing the way people spend money. The economy is becoming decentralized, and payments are becoming more secure and transparent. The new, blockchain-based, video game streaming platform, Play2Live, intends to get in on the revolution, bringing eSports together with the cutting-edge in blockchain technology.

The following is a brief overview of the project.

eSports: The Future of Entertainment

Gamers love playing games, but they might like watching them even more. The eSports industry has already seen the rise of a number of gaming celebrities and millionaires, and viewership already is much higher for video game tournaments than for many traditional sports.

Unfortunately, eSport streaming sites, like the ones listed above, have one major fault; they lack an effective platform for interaction between players and viewers. Fans are dying to be able to get in touch with their favorite players, and take part in the game on a deeper level, but at the moment this is impossible.

That is, until now. A group of eSport experts, with years of experience developing tech for the industry, have come together to find a solution. They have conceptualized the Play2Live (P2L) platform, the first decentralized streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans.

By integrating the blockchain into video game streaming, P2L is making interaction between gamers and fans easy, and making gaming even more fun and entertaining for everybody. On the business side, P2L is monetizing game streaming and creating an entire infrastructure for fans to spend money in order to interact with their favorite players.

The Play2Live e-marketplace and Platform

At its base, P2L is an e-marketplace, operating using a blockchain-based token – the Level Up Coin (LUC), and a streaming platform, enabling access to various video sharing services.

The marketplace enables the ultimate in interaction between gamers and their audience. Gamers can use the platform to build and maintain a fanbase, and make money doing it. Viewers can spend LUC to interact with players, and earn it by creating new streams and getting votes. The more positive votes, the more LUC earned.

For fans this is a revolution. They will be able to use coins to pay for interactions with their favorite players. It will be possible to make specific requests, or choose from players’ custom-made options. For example, if fans want to see a player switch from “difficult” to “hard” mode on a game, they could give the player LUC in exchange for doing so. Fans can get together and form a crowdfund to pay for the content that they want to see.

There are lots of the other ways for players to earn LUC, such as by selling advertisements or taking donations. Eventually, the platform will support the placement of bets by viewers of eSport tournaments.

What Blockchain Integration Means

All the innovative features of P2L are made possible by the blockchain, a decentralized technology that renders transactions secure, transparent, and convenient.

Since P2L is built using Graphene blockchain tech, these transactions will go at light-speed, 100,000 TPS, hundreds of times faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions.

P2L is able to keep fees low and services functioning at a high level because of its blockchain integration. The Level Up Coin is set to one day become the top currency in the gaming industry.

The Upcoming Crowdsale

The Pre-ICO for the LUC token will start on November 20, and go until November 26. The ICO will begin December 4 and end December 10.

Your chance to get in early on the project starts soon! For more information visit, or follow us on various bitcoin-oriented media sources. 

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