The company behind the world-famous men’s magazine Playboy has announced that it is developing an online wallet that will enable the payment of entertainment content through various cryptocurrencies. It is expected that the wallet will be released later this year in order to increase customer anonymity when booking content.

As the press release from Playboy Enterprises indicates, Playboy.TV will be the company’s first media platform to feature the Wallet. As a currency, Playboy Enterprises will offer the still relatively unknown Vice Industry Token (VIT) and other, as yet unnamed, “leading” cryptocurrencies.

The Vice Industry Token team has created an adult entertainment platform that offers pornographic content for free. In contrast to the current financing model of pornographic content on the Internet, which is financed by advertising and advertising, the vice industry token is to create a new monetization model using the decentralized blockchain platform.

The difference to normal “adult entertainment websites” is that consumers interact with the content, i. H. For example, be rewarded for commenting, rating or watching videos over a set period of time. VIT is currently conducting a crowd sale that runs until March 20th.

As part of VIT’s integration with Playboy.TV, this means that visitors to the token can pay for the content while earning VIT by commenting or voting on content.

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