Cryptonomos is a solution provider for blockchain-based crowdsales that is now launching an ICO for a new cryptocurrency project which is striving to be the future of gaming. is the new project launching the ICO. Playkey is presenting a unique approach to virtualization and cloud gaming with payment tiers that determine stream quality, the ability to play games by either purchasing them from Playkey or making use of your own Steam game library.

Playkey is trying to offer a new method of playing games without the need of minimum hardware requirements as it plans to deliver a gaming cloud service that enables games to be played via streamline. The goal is to provide gamers with a reasonably-priced opportunity to play top-rated games anytime and anywhere, using any device connected to the Internet, without having to purchase a Gaming PC or console.

The Future of Gaming

The development of GPUs, the Internet, and low-latency streaming have diminished the demand for personal gaming hardware. In fact, it has done so that the next generation of consoles might well be the last one that is based on hardware. Moving gaming into cloud technology has now become inevitable; 70 percent of Steam players are unable to play top titles like GTA V in high resolution, and 30 percent of players cannot even run such titles on their obsolete PCs. The demand for latest-generation hardware and the increased requirements from gaming caused by resource-intensive VR technologies will make home hardware more and more expensive and non-viable for casual gamers.

Sensing the big changes that lie ahead and following the trend of video, music and other services, Playkey is determined to introduce the next gaming revolution by moving gaming into the cloud. This will bring massive benefits for gamers, as it will allow cheaper access to games. Given that cloud gaming can deliver gaming services ten times cheaper than owning a personal gaming hardware, the project expects to see an exponential growth in users in the short term, leveraging that way the sharing economy principles.

What is Playkey?

Playkey, a leading cloud gaming provider, is contemplating an ICO with the intent of exponentially accelerating the pace of cloud gaming development through decentralization. The team believes the revolution of cloud gaming has just started, but there are still some hindrances. For instance, the complicated process of game streaming software development and getting approval from game developers and publishers to use their game titles on cloud platforms or even the high cost of hardware namely professional GPUs, server equipment, data storage equipment, that the industry needs to face. Playkey is set to solve all of this by introducing proven blockchain technology.

The company mission is to leverage the cloud gaming revolution by introducing decentralization during the early stage. This will provide a decentralized ecosystem with a core platform for miners and gamers, based on blockchain technology, which allows private/professional GPU owners with a new source of income. GPU owners will be providing their resources to the network as if it was mining, meaning that they will be compensated by their participation in the network.

According to the project’s whitepaper, gamers can play any game they wish, on any device connected to the Internet, using a decentralized cloud model, by leveraging the existing proprietary technology, product, and business of Playkey. The company will be providing all of this in a way that is more efficient, stable, and less risky than crypto-mining while providing gamers with an affordable way to enjoy their hobby. Playkey’s ambition is to also create the world’s largest platform and marketplace for all hardware providers, gamers and other participants in the emerging industry of cloud gaming.

Playkey has a team of 45 experienced RD specialists and collaborates with leading game publishers including Ubisoft, Bethesda, and Wargaming. The company counts with a network of 120 Nvidia Grid powered servers based in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Moscow, and is backed by a large European VC fund as well as boasting Deloitte as its legal partner.

Playkey currency

PKT is the cryptocurrency used to buy and sell cloud gaming subscriptions as well as other Playkey services and future products. Serving as the unit of account for all economic transactions within the Playkey Ecosystem, PKT will be used as a basis for interaction with other digital services.

PKT is characterized by a fixed-supply, divisibility and, in the long-term, non-inflationary. PKT will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain in accordance with the ERC20 (Ethereum Token Standard). Any token implemented according to the ERC20 standard is compatible with the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem, which allows for quick and easy implementation. Advanced functions and high activity within the Ethereum ecosystem make it the most suitable for issuing PKT.

One of the main functionalities of PKT is also for transactions between miners and gamers, and for purchasing gaming software.

Playkey Foundation

Playkey Foundation is a management company within the Playkey Ecosystem, which will direct and fund the development of tools that give ecosystem partners the ability to build, grow, and create value for one another.

The Playkey Foundation will be responsible for increasing the platform’s popularity, managing the key rules of the ecosystem, and developing a core strategy. The primary goal of the Foundation is to develop an open gaming ecosystem that users can find value in, and simultaneously supply miners (and other service carriers) with an open and sustainable platform to broaden, deliver, and enhance those services, as well as attract users. The Foundation’s responsibilities include managing the Playkey Company and financing it for software development needs.


The PKT issuance and distribution during the ICO is set up with a volume of 100 million PKT tokens to achieve the following goals; integrate blockchain technology into the Playkey gaming service; develop a decentralized, resource-sufficient, safe and fast P2P game streaming solution, where miners can provide their powerful resources to the gamers; and finally, to reach 10 million active players in the USA, EMEA, and APAC regions

The ICO will commence on November 1, 2017 and the Pre-sale is ongoing until October 25, 2017 where a bonus of 20 percent is available. For additional information, you can visit the company’s official ICO site.

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