Bitcoin Press Release: Pnxbet has announced the launch of its new live esports section, which will fill the gap left by all the traditional sports that have either been postponed, or cancelled due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. 

6 April 2020, Curacao – The gambling and sports betting industry have experienced a jarring and unprecedented change in their respective markets this year due to a global disruption to almost every sport, as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As many sites scramble to come up with a stop-gap, leading sports betting platform PNXBet has launched Live eSports, a whole new category that allows users to watch, and bet on eSports in real time. 

Sports Betting On Hold

The coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc on a global scale, affecting many different industries and aspects of everyday life. Betting on sports is no longer an option, as most of the major competitions around the world have been cancelled or postponed. Some of the biggest global sporting competitions such as the NBA, NFL, Champions League, Premier League and Boxing have all been brought to a complete standstill. 

In the United Kingdom, this shift is taking its toll. Betting on football and horse racing accounts for 75% of the UK’s sports betting market. With neither option being available to service providers and operators, the revenue generated by this industry has all but disappeared. Brick and mortar betting shops have all been closed, and with no indication that sports leagues are any closer to returning, bookmakers are at the mercy of the pandemic. This decrease in revenue has also affected online gambling sites, as well as online sports betting platforms. 

The Rise of eSports Betting

Providing exposure to competitive sports is the main priority for offline and online bookmakers. With sports competitions shutting down, eSports is the next logical option to explore. Competition in that particular segment is still small, thus there is still a potential first-mover advantage for bookmakers.

Strengthening ties between players, franchises, and fans has transcended the concept of witnessing live games in a stadium. Interaction between all parties has become a core aspect of sports in the modern era.

One core example is the NBA 2K20 Players Tournament, which is currently ongoing.

Watching other people play a video game in a competitive manner – in this case, a tournament – creates exciting new betting opportunities. 

With eSport betting, at least in the United States, there are some legal hurdles to overcome. Regulatory measures are still in the early stages, but there is a demand to speed up this process nationwide. Especially during the coronavirus crisis, eSports may see a notable uptick in terms of popularity and viewership.

PNXBet Brings eSports to Online Gambling

Several new competitors are merging to take advantage of the “void” being left by traditional sports betting platforms during the coronavirus crisis. PNXBet is one of those contenders, as the company specializes in different types of gambling and betting. 

Alongside its more traditional offerings – including casino, poker, and live casino games, PNXBet also focuses on virtual sports and eSports. PNXBet now wants to increase its foothold in the eSports betting market by providing access to more competition. 

Watching eSports as they happen live and being able to bet on the action creates an entirely new dynamic. This industry is expected to become the fastest growing segment in all of online betting over the coming years. 

As a part of the ambitious eSports push, Pnxbet have also partnered with three fellow gaming streamers in South East Asia, and the Philippines. Coach Byb, Guso Gaming, and Xan PH have all joined as Pnxbet partners as the company expands into emerging markets. 

eSports Top Titles

A special focus lies on Dota2 and CS:GO, both of which have massive fan bases and host multiple major tournaments every single year. Other options to explore on PNXBet are the Tennis R.G. Cup, the virtual counterpart of the Europa League for soccer fans, the NBA Regular Cyber Cup, and many more. All eSports betting options are updated constantly and yield some very high betting odds. 

PNXBet prides itself on offering honest live odds and convenient deposits and withdrawal options. Supported payment options include bank transfer, credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Voucher Wallet Code, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum. 

With the majority of betting sites yet to adequately replace the huge void left following the loss of a plethora of competitive sports, surely sites with viable alternatives like Pnxbet will be the real winners when the dust settles. Check out the new live Pnxbet eSports betting revolution now! 

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