Bitcoin supposedly offers its users anonymity when sending or spending cash over the internet, only it doesn’t, not fully. Several methods allow users to add extra layers of anonymity to bitcoin cash transactions (BCH) these include employing the use of a VPN or shuffling coins via mixers. Users, highly-sensitive to maintain their privacy levels, can avail themselves to one method existing purely so you may anonymize yourself as near completely as possible when using the BCH blockchain.

Public Blockchain Network

Utilising the free software browser from Tor has the capacity to provide your highly sought-after anonymity while performing online transacting. The Tor browser encrypts all internet traffic between the browser and your destination while simultaneously routing its traffic through nodes in its overlay network, ensuring complete anonymity. Tor makes no attempt at hiding your transaction pathway. However, investigators will find it exceedingly difficult to pinpoint a bitcoiner’s geolocation or IP address while using the Tor system.

When Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto launched his cryptocurrency network, he did not deem it necessary to provide the protocol with anonymity. In contrast, the network with all transactions broadcast over it remains publicly available to anyone in possession of a copy of the blockchain. However, the technology provides its users with levels of pseudo anonymity when transacting in cryptocurrencies like BCH, to fully obfuscate transaction communications users may want to include additional layers of securing their privacy.

Tor Total Privacy

The one privacy system many regular cryptocurrency traders employ and generally are avid proponents of is the Tor protocol. It consists of an overlay network which incorporates thousands of nodes, each designed to conceal the locations of all its network users. This essentially means sending cash using bitcoin transactions over the Tor network it assists via additional encryption protocols while simultaneously routing all Tor user web traffic via its own server/node relays to provide the user with complete location and IP address anonymity.

Entertainment Transactional Privacy

Public figures and wealthy individuals who regularly engage in wagering at entertainment venues such as online bookmakers or casinos may require this specialised form of anonymity for their Bitcoin transactions between themselves and the venue. For a comprehensive list of casinos and bookmakers offering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an accepted payment method, patrons should refer to Nostrabet, one of the premier sources of online gambling entertainment venues offering a massive variety of trusted partners and reviews about the types of activities offered by each.

Software Download

Privacy minded persons preferring to trade in a truly private manner using Bitcoin may want to consider downloading the Tor software from the creator’s official website. Anyone genuinely concerned with their privacy should positively ensure it is the actual Tor website since numerous shady download sites, aware of Tor’s unimpeached reputation for trustworthiness, make their own malware infested versions of the software available to eventually serve their own nefarious ends.

Using a heavily adapted version of the Mozilla Firefox browser, the Tor browser software download is approximately 64MB in size and can operate as either a fixed PC/Mac/Linux/GNU desktop/laptop installation. It can also be installed directly to a USB flash drive as a portable version. This allows users the freedom to carry the drive with them and plug into any computer to enjoy full anonymity while performing their internet activities without having to clean up their presence or leave a trace of their activities on the computer after unplugging the USB flash drive.

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