As cryptocurrencies and blockchain ecosystem boomed, a hoard of traders started making hefty investments for some quick bucks. After facing bearish trend for some time, the technocrats wanted to bring around a potent platform that would give the traders more control over their profit and loss quotient while trading in altcoins.

The altcoins hold a lot of potential as the innovative ideas behind them brings value to the projects but what was lacking has been covered by the Bitfair platform that offers the potential of

  • Controlling the profit and loss
  • Offering additional trading positions
  • Hedging

Coming around as a marketplace solution, the crypto traders can indulge into an Over-the-Counter trade where the trading unit remains the Smart Option Contract (SOC). It offers a flexibility to the traders where they can now hold additional positions and hedge the profits.

How is this achieved?

The Bitfair platform is not a traditional exchange that holds your cryptocurrency and adds centralization element to the platform. On the contrary, it is a peer-to-peer crypto trading platform. The two peers may not be knowing each other but they trade using the secure Bitfair platform. Bitfair simply offers the crypto trades a marketplace that does not hold their crypto assets at any time. In facilitating the transactions, the platform receives a very nominal trade fee.

Pre-determine profit/loss

Each trades that occurs is a trade of Smart Option Contract (SOC). The profit and loss quotient is pre-determined as it is set to certain limits when the trade is entered. It sounds more like a Futures trade but for crypto altcoins, Bitfair is a next-generation trading platform that has all these benefits.

The Bitfair platform is focused on eliminating the challenges traditional platforms were posing to the traders. The traders can pick any altcoin and as they choose the profit and loss limits, they can earn every day with the price movements irrespective of the fact whether the price goes up or down.

Short crypto tokens

Bitfair opens up a new platform for traders who wish to short a token and has the potential of leveraging up to 1000x that is significantly 10 times higher than the traditional exchanges. The centralized brokers and exchanges all are eliminated and only the trader controls the profit loss component.

Bitfair platform is growing and will very soon be launching its very own coin – the XBF token that can be traded as any other altcoin on the Bitfair ecosystem.

Final thoughts:

The majority of traditional trading platforms are making the trade complex and scaring away the traders. With Bitfair comes the simplicity of trade with more control as the traders have a clear understanding of how they can earn more.

All the trades happen over Bitfair at only two conditions that are price movement within a fixed time with multiple types of Altcoins.  Even when the prices are falling, traders can generate profit due to the stop-loss mechanism in place. Bitfair protects the users from exposure to more loss and allows them to earn for the fixed trade period bringing stability to the ecosystem.

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