Why you need to use a Bitcoin mixer.

In a world where more and more information is stored electronically and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere, the issue of protecting your own privacy is becoming increasingly important. Bitcoin was developed as an anonymous and decentralized currency. But Bitcoin transactions are never truly anonymous. Blockchain technology allows you not only to track any transaction, but also to view the number of coins currently stored in your bitcoin address. And, unfortunately, as practice and statistics show, it is often used for selfish and malicious purposes. Such as:

· State surveillance for national security purposes. But they do not end there, which, in turn, accordingly, leads to abuse of power and excessive surveillance of every step of citizens.

· Surveillance by large analytical companies in order to identify the origin of funds and their movement.

· Surveillance and theft of bitcoins by cybercriminals in order to obtain financial benefits.

· Surveillance and theft of personal information for the purpose of subsequent blackmail by intruders.

All this causes an irreparable blow and significant damage to the property and reputation of innocent people.

” The fight against bitcoin mixers, which was started by regulators in various countries a few years ago, indicates that the authorities want more control over the transactions of their citizens. This is just a signal that we are moving in the right direction. After all, the authorities of various countries do not like that honest and innocent people want to escape from financial slavery, which in turn was created by the first. And we will do everything, go to the end and improve our tool from time to time in order to resist this evil and provide each person who has passed through our service with maximum privacy for his own personal borders. Since we are convinced that the finances of each person should be controlled only by themselves.“ – the team writes to magazine.

How works. – this is a bitcoin mixer based on traditional mixing, which completely cleans up your history and related data, thereby interrupting malicious surveillance by third parties, which, accordingly, completely prevents the deanonymization of your  funds and your identity. The development team itself interprets the relationship of customers with their tool as:  Be with pure dossier, be with PureMixer .

The service implements this with its built-in concept, which performs a full-fledged break of any Blockchain connection between your old incoming address to their mixer and the outgoing one from their mixer to you to the new target address.
PureMixer’s algorithm is simple: the service accepts your coins into its pool, and in response sends you completely different coins from another source that belonged to the service’s customers in the past who deposited them before you, thereby breaking your blockchain history and providing the highest anonymity to you and your digital gold. 

Pros and benefits of the service. is one of the best bitcoin mixers in terms of versatility. Here are some of its advantages compared to other competitors:

· Additional addresses. The service allows you to add up to 10 withdrawal wallets, and this is the maximum indicator among bitcoin mixers. At the same time, it is important to understand that the more output addresses you add, the better the anonymization quality will be.

· This is the only bitcoin mixer on the market that allows customers to set a delay of up to 7 days.

· sets an additional randomized delay of several minutes (random delta) to the main delay selected by the user.
This is done in order to complicate the identification process with automatic tools created by analytical companies.

· The user’s ability to distribute the entire deposit amount as a percentage in parts also individually to the address of each recipient with an accuracy of up to hundredths of a percent.
This feature prevents the technology of analysis based on incoming and outgoing amounts. Which is actively resorted to by third parties in order to deanonymize and, accordingly, identify transactions.

· It has a mixing code.
This is a unique identifier, you will need it if you decide to use the mixing service again. This ensures that you will not receive back your previously sent coins.

· The platform’s service fees are determined by the users themselves, making it a flexible option for those who want to mix their coins. is also known for having its “own Strict Privacy Policy.”

Secured & Protected mixing service.

The service has been on the market for almost a year now, and its operators do not stop in their pursuit of platform perfection and increasing the level of privacy protection for their users. On November 15, 2023, the team released a large-scale update in which, according to them, every technical aspect was improved. The developers of this platform monitor the development of cryptanalysis tools and take countermeasures.

The team is also fully aware of its responsibility to customers who trust them. That is why representatives of officially confirmed the availability of reserve funds of the service in the amount of more than 50 bitcoins at the world’s most reputable cryptocurrency forum Also, during the existence of this platform, not a single incident of any kind of insolvency or incompetence has been identified. 

Thus, confidentiality is the right of every person to preserve their own personal boundaries. This is necessary to ensure freedom of speech and, in general, to live a life that the person himself prefers. Surveillance of citizens is a phenomenon that exists and threatens the privacy of every person and requires careful and careful regulation by the authorities and large companies. But the latter, unfortunately, on the contrary, only contribute to its aggravation, not regulation. is here to take on this mission. With this Bitcoin mixer, you will gain 100% privacy. 

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