As cryptocurrency becomes more accepted in society, the need for digital currency to operate alongside the traditional fiat is becoming undeniable. Qompass is introducing a cryptocurrency exchange with a rich amount of features that allows the user to buy, trade or exchange their digital currency for local fiat currency via mobile app or online.

Hong Kong – March 20th 2018, Qompass sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community this week with the announcement of an ICO and launch of a new type of feature rich cryptocurrency exchange platform. Qompass, dubbed the “blockchain of the financial markets” aims to fully Blockchainize the $294 trillion global financial markets, restoring trust and eradicating manipulation and corruption. Qompass’s cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform comes with varying features including a real debit card tied to the eWallet, easy to use crypto trading software and generous managed crypto trading accounts. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature is the leveraged managed crypto trading program with Capital Loss Protection enforced by smart contracts on the blockchain.

The team at Qompass are a diverse group of business professionals holding expertise in all sectors from finance and banking to blockchain development and computer programming. After working in the banking sector they were able to build up contacts that today has allowed Qompass to secure agreements with over 25 financial institutions around the globe. These firms act as a liquidity source for the Qompass trading platform to facilitate high frequency trading and the leverage functions of the platform. The first of its kind multi-purpose eWallet is ultra-secure and capable of sending up to 1,000 transactions at once. Many other applications and API’s within the Qompass ecosystem will serve the cryptocurrency community and tie it in with traditional banking services.

During a recent seminar, the company spokesperson for Qompass was quoted as saying, “Qompass is an advanced new generation crypto investment platform that supports trading, financing and peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange in the crypto economy. Built on its own Qompass Blockchain, it is designed from the base to offer phenomenal speeds of over 30,000 TPS (Transactions per Second).” He went on to say, “Our goal is to facilitate financial transaction within a cross Blockchain architecture that extends support by means of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Contract implementation. Qompass through the employment of the latest cryptography and Blockchain technology offers a comprehensive service that allows trading, peer to peer finance and exchanging of cryptocurrency into fiat, in the most reliable and easy way.”

The Qompass ICO Pre-Sale is expected to launch on 5th April 2018 with only 33 Million tokens available. 60% of tokens will be sold during Pre-Sale and once they are gone they are gone. Potential investors should act quickly as investor confidence is projecting a high demand for these tokens.

To get involved with this ICO or to learn more about Qompass, visit their official website at or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.

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