Every individual Industry faces its own challenges. Every challenge can be solved by implementing new paradigms and technologies. When it comes to the Transportation Industry, some of the most prominent pain points of the industry is unreliable payment methods and tracking systems. Integrating Blockchain in the transportation industry improves the industry on a global scale by securing transactions and delivering a decentralized approach to it.

November 22nd, 2018 – Redcab, a decentralized global transportation platform alliances with SHAMLA Tech in order to develop Mobile App empowered by the Blockchain Technology and AI.

SHAMLA Tech is a certified Enterprise application development well-specialized in, Blockchain, Mobile Apps, Ecommerce & AI providing world-class solutions to businesses around the globe. As a Blockchain Development Company, SHAMLA Tech provides top-notch Blockchain and Cryptocurrency services for various Industrial sectors.

Redcab, a decentralized peer-to-peer transportation solutions company provides a powerful technology platform that meets business goals and customer requirements in the vast industry of transportation. It aims to develop a sharing economy and build a strong community by introducing the first global transportation community based on the Blockchain Technology.

Redcab builds a strategic partnership with SHAMLA Tech Solutionsto develop a Mobile App Platform and power it with top-notch Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Solutions. With a vivid observance and skilled expertise, we explore opportunities and embrace new technologies for the futuristic world.

SHAMLA Tech will contribute innovative solutions through this partnership with Redcab striving though in order to bring the decentralization and secure peer to peer transactions within the Blockchain framework. “By building a strategic partnership we aim to provide robust end-to-end solutions that would be beneficial to all users and the community as a whole”, says Balaji A, the CEO of SHAMLA TECH Solutions.

Establishing the Blockchain Technology as the backbone of their business, Redcab LLC imbibes a futuristic business model in the industry of Transportation. The main aspiration of the sharing economy is the feature of decentralization and security that delivers 100% percentage benefits for customers and 100% percentage earnings for drivers and taxi companies within the framework. In other words, it is a community-driven decentralized solution administered by smart contracts to ensure transparency and constancy in the transportation industry.


About SHAMLA Tech

SHAMLA Tech Solutions is a robust company that converts ideas into proficient and flawless enterprise-grade solutions. The company works with a strong vision to provide solutions to the immense challenges posed by integrating Blockchain ideas at the enterprise level. With a large expert team of strategists, developers and technologists, the company seems to ensure success and profitability for their clients. SHAMLA Tech has been rated as TOP 30 BEST TECHNOLOGY Companies in 2017.

For more details on the expertise and services, please visit,


About Redcab

RedCab LLC is a fast forward company with a futuristic business model in the transportation space.

Blockchain technology is considered the backbone of our business model from providing secured transactions and fast contracting; it perfectly blends with our business model to deliver to the world a decentralized and community managed transportation solution ready to serve individuals and support businesses.

An existing company since 2016 with tangible on-ground operations. Bringing a globally innovative solution through the Blockchain to an existing market need with $230 Billion annual demand. For more details, please visit,

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