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Rematic Tokens LLC, a Virginia-based software solutions company, aims to bring blockchain technology to the commercial and public sector through crypto agnostic applications. They have recently launched their inaugural token, RematicEGC ($RMTX), which is designed to fund the development of these industry-changing solutions. Additionally, the token itself provides holders with returns through “reflections”, a form of dividend generated from buying and selling $RMTX, while the company will provide extended returns on investments through profit sharing.

Buying and holding $RMTX provides reflections in EverGrow (EGC) tokens. The protocol takes 9% of all transactions and redistributes them to $RMTX holders. Holdings of EGC also provide reflections in BUSD. As a result, investors are instantly earning returns in the form of two other cryptocurrencies.

Secondly, profit-sharing through buyback and burns will be carried out through using the revenue generated by Rematic Tokens LLC. Before the end of Q1, 2022, Rematic Tokens LLC plans to release its official profit-sharing program to the public that outlines more specifically how this will work. These two mechanisms are what make $RMTX, the original double-dip token, an absolute must-watch in 2022.

RematicEGC in a Nutshell

The Rematic team is building a secured and anonymous voting platform that will be provided to clients in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The applications comprising the SaaS offering will initially be available on the Binance Smart Chain, however, they will ultimately operate in a blockchain agnostic manner. The early target market will consist of crypto communities and smaller commercial entities. From a long-term perspective, the target market group will consist of the public sector including but not limited to, local municipalities, cities, counties, states, and the federal government.

In addition to software development and services, Rematic Tokens LLC will serve as an angel investor in other startup projects. Leveraging its own voter platform, the RematicEGC community will vote on which projects will receive investment funds. These investments will bring value to $RMTX through additional buyback and burns from investment profits. These buybacks and burns will reduce the total supply of $RMTX thereby increasing the value of each token for every long-term investor. For additional information on utilities, be sure to visit the website using the link provided below.

RematicEGC Is on the Rise

The project launched officially on December 3rd at 20:00 EST after amassing 1,000 BNB in under three hours. At that time, the project only had several hundred telegram group members and barely 500 Twitter followers. Still, it raised the funds at a pace that many in the crypto space believed to be unachievable. Those observers failed to see that Rematic Nation, at its core, is composed of sound-minded investors that understand the value $RMTX will deliver over time.

$RMTX has since quadrupled its following through pure grassroots efforts and old-fashioned conversation. The feat is even more impressive when you consider that it is only 1 month old. Furthermore, it succeeded without using bots to pump artificial follower numbers or hiring big-name influencers to shill the token. Lastly, the team achieved this growth by strictly prohibiting simulated hype. So, it’s no surprise they’ve been successful until now, and how immensely primed they are for an explosive 2022.

The RematicEGC Vision and Charitable Model

Rematic Tokens LLC wants to change how the crypto arena has operated over the last couple of years. Many investors have been scammed through rug pulls, honey pots, and spoofed sites, among other traps. However, $RMTX is built differently. They take pride in being 100% transparent with their community and carry themselves in a professional manner. Additionally, they aim to bring a business-level execution to their product development efforts and a never-before-seen level of professionalism to token management to shore up investor confidence. Furthermore, the project owns two charity wallets, one for military causes and the other for cancer causes. Each wallet holds 1 trillion $RMTX, earning lucrative rewards for the charities that will be available for distribution to those in need over and over again.

Moreover, it will enable you to decide what startups you want to invest in while at the same time, contributing to noble humanitarian causes. Learn all about $RMTX and what they stand for by visiting any of the resources below and while you’re at it, be sure to engage with the community, they truly are one of a kind.

About RematicEGC

The vision of Rematic Tokens LLC (RTL) is to bring a trusted, professional, and business-level execution of product development and services to the cryptocurrency, commercial, and public/federal space for its clients and communities. RTL is a legal entity established in the state of Virginia, operating globally. In addition to providing services to other tokens and their communities, it acts on behalf of $RMTX investor interests and serves as the operational arm for the $RMTX community.
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