What sets Remitano Bitcoin P2P exchange apart from its counterparts is that its service in multiple countries operates without the need of a banking partner, completely shielding the service from their whims and fancies.

Remitano provides escrowed P2P Bitcoin marketplace where people buy and sell Bitcoin easily and safely. The platform is a product of Seychelles-based Babylon Solution Limited operating in many countries including the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India, Tanzania and Ghana.

While other centralized exchange platforms currently in the market are heavily dependent on the banks to receive deposits and facilitate withdrawals for customers, Remitano is completely independent from traditional banking partners.

Banks are known to harass centralized exchange platforms. Recently banks caused a great trouble to customers trying to cash out or make deposits at some well known Malaysian centralized exchanges by shutting them down.

People are increasingly moving towards P2P exchange platforms due to such situations. They are looking for platforms that can nullify the ability of banks to shut down or dictate terms to cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Remitano P2P Exchange deals only with Bitcoin and leaves all banking related activities to the users so that the operation is not hindered by banks’ temper.

Remitano’s UI and friendly customer support is what further sets it apart from other existing exchange platforms. To ease the customer experience, Remitano also provides a live chat option to its users in case of any issue. In addition to that, the 0.5% fee charged by the platform is lower than the other major platforms in the market.

Remitano, according to traffic metrics, is the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam. Other leading sources of traffic on Remitano are Nigeria and Malaysia. The platform is aiming to establish itself as the largest Bitcoin exchange platform in other Asian and African countries. With the introduction of its service in the United States and Australia, Remitano platform is on an expansion spree, which it will pursue aggressively to build a global presence.

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