PFPs (Profile pictures stored on the blockchain as NFTs) have been immensely popular since the rise of CryptoPunks and Bored Apes. However, with the global markets in turmoil, investors are now looking to invest in NFTs that have real utility. Most NFTs have limited use cases beyond PFPs, and smart money is now avoiding NFTs for that reason. Things are set to change with Orbeon Protocol, a decentralised funding and investment platform for web3 projects, who recently sold out their stage 1 of their presale with a 260% price increase.


What is Orbeon Protocol and why are so many people buying?

Orbeon Protocol is a new and interesting decentralized investment platform, who are aiming to disrupt the current venture capital market. One way they are doing this is by creating fractionalized, equity-backed NFTs to represent investments in promising new projects. Investors who are new to the on-chain crypto currency industry find Orbeon Protocol more accessible and easy to understand investing in fractionalised NFTs, compared to the way that traditional launchpads offer. 

Another benefit to investing via an NFT with Orbeon Protocol is that they have implemented a ‘Fill or Kill’ mechanism in the NFT smart contract, that automatically refunds investors if a project doesn’t meet its fundraising target, solving the problem of other launchpads where investors are stuck with tokens that did not do well enough to meet their funding goals. Analysts are predicting a 6000% increase in the price of ORBN, (Orbeon Protocol’s native token), which is exciting as there aren’t many 60x potentials in the current market right now.


CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, NFTs and Smart Money

Data from Nansen shows that whilst Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks are still the most popular NFTs based on Market cap (800,881 Eth and 1,056,286 ETH at time of writing), volume is significantly lower than in recent months and continues on a downward trend.

Nansen shows that ‘Smart Money’ buyers have fallen to previously unheard of levels, indicating that smart money does not see this as a good time to buy these well established projects, despite the recent price discounts.

On the other hand, we see that RarePass, a project by the P2E game SuperRare, launched a few weeks ago, is doing really well, with a weekly volume of around 4000 ETH.  This shows how NFTs with utility can create much needed volume, even when market conditions are less than ideal.

What RarePass and Orbeon Protocol NFTs have in common

As seasoned investors know, token utility is a key factor in crypto success, and it’s time to apply that to NFTs.  

Profile pictures may be trendy and could be a long term investment similar to traditional art, but they lack utility. RarePass’s utility is that it gives guaranteed airdrops from established NFT artists, and lottery chances to win 1/1 artworks.

Orbeon Protocol is introducing NFTaaS (NFTs as a service), allowing investors to buy fractionalised NFTs to represent their investments in carefully selected projects.  Orbeon Protocol also plan to release special exclusive NFTs, which will give benefits such as access to investing in extremely desired projects, and the ability to attend zoom calls with founders of these projects. 

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