Today in San Francisco, the Ripple Swell Conference begins with the keynote address of former US President Bill Clinton. We look forward to seeing what announcements we will experience and what impact it will have on the XRP course.

At 11am local time begins in San Francisco Swell conference of Ripple. The kick-off will soon be a keynote by former US President Bill Clinton. While Ripple has promised to upload most of the presentation as a video on Youtube, it is already clear that Bill Clinton’s opening speech will not be published.

Overall, the conference is over 2 days. It is however an Invite Only Event. Presumably Ripple invited Bänker to the event, so the tickets could not be bought so easily. Ultimately, many XRP devotees are waiting for what to announce about XRP and the ripple technology xRapid, which uses XRP.

In the run-up to the conference, the XRP course has already risen neatly. Compared with the previous month, XRP gained 80% in September. The expectations are so high before the Swell conference. However, those planning to quickly buy XRP to take advantage of positive news at the Swell conference should be cautious. Because if the expectations of what’s new are not met by the investors then it can happen that the XRP price falls quickly.

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