The Ripple ecosystem is constantly evolving behind the scenes. With the new rippled client being released, another milestone has been reached. This new version brings several enhancements to the table regarding reliability and scalability. Any server operator is advised to upgrade to this new version as soon as possible. Things are looking pretty promising for Ripple, right now, to say the least.

It is always good to see some more developments in the Ripple ecosystem. More specifically, the network itself is expanding quickly.  Unlike regular cryptocurrencies, Ripple is doing things very differently. They mainly rely on the rippled software used by server operators. It is this piece of technology which provides valuable services to the XRP ledger. With a new update recently released, things are looking very promising right now.

A Major Ripple Update

In the new update, we see various enhancements and improvements. Reliability, scalability, and security of the XRP Ledger are all incredibly important. This new release brings some fixed in this regard. Moreover, there is also a SortedDirectories amendment to sort entries in ledger objects. This new feature is expected to be enabled in early November, but it is still advised to upgrade the client as soon as possible.

There are some downsides associated with not upgrading, though. More specifically, determining the validity of a ledger and processing transactions may be jeopardized without upgrading. Plus, non-upgraded nodes can’t participate in the consensus process or vote on future amendments. An interesting turn of events, but also one that makes a lot of sense in this regard. Mandatory upgrades should never be ignored by any means.

This new update will also be deployed to all rippled servers later today. This should take around 4 hours or slightly less. During this phase, the Ripple network will continue to operate without any problems. It is good to see real-time network updates still being a thing in 2017. This also shows how resilient the Ripple network really is.  Another notch in the belt for the Ripple ecosystem, that much is certain.

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