The global healthcare
market is vast and complex, with equity funding to digital health companies
having reached $5.8 billion so far this year. Within this space, myriad models
of healthcare delivery are being employed as breakthrough technologies are


A concept that’s gaining
increased attention is the “patient-oriented medical network.” In this model, patients can manage and control their healthcare data
through a mobile electronic medical record (EMR) — information they’re able to
grant their doctors access to when requested.   


This mode of value-based
physician-to-patient engagement is designed to impact care quality, cost and
patient access across an entire healthcare continuum. One company that’s making
a mark in this area is an innovative global digital platform known as Robomed


is introducing a solution that allows the medical industry to replace the old,
prevailing ways of managing healthcare processes with new ones designed to
boost efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. This is achieved through the
elimination of non-value-added processes and clinical errors.

Network is comprised of 23 clinics across the world. Through the use of this
ecosystem, patients around the globe have access to bureaucracy-free,
affordable and quality medical care targeted to their specific needs.

What drives all of this is
a medical network managed by a blockchain token, designed to provide the most
effective medical care. Robomed serves as the linkage point between health
service providers and patients, all tied to a smart contract built on top of
the Ethereum platform.

blockchain is designed to constantly expand available capacity for
record-keeping, transactions tracking and accumulation of a diverse database of
medical knowledge and clinical pathways applied to treating a numerous range of
medical cases,” said Robomed Network co-founder Philipp Mironovich. “We believe
that the scope of medical services rendered to patients is bound to grow with
the processes for obtaining these services streamlined.”

As a part of the Robomed
Network, participating in-network clinics utilize what is known as “Robomed
EНR,” a process-automation system geared for medical centers, which includes
unified medical data storage and health management tools. Its primary purpose
is to integrate all participating clinics into a single information space,
allowing various service providers to quickly interact without bureaucratic,
financial or legal barriers.


bridge between the patients seeking quality medical care and access to it is a
smart contact. This interactive digital mechanism allows patients to obtain
access to a chain of healthcare providers committed to delivering the best
medical care consistent with the digital clinical guidelines registered in
Robomed Network.

clinical guidelines are adopted via a constantly updated, competitive and
transparent voting process involving the medical and patient community. The
goal here is to utilize a diverse set of healthcare treatments and high
standards to fulfill patients’ expectations.

Network issues its own tokens to drive the smart contract engagement between
healthcare providers and patients. This elevates service value by granting
token owners full accomplishment of clinical guidelines for cases.

engage with the Robomed Network via Robomed Mobile or Robomed Web. The
proprietary smart contract technology provides a unique opportunity to create a
single system of coordinates with clinical outcomes as a reference point.

the possibilities and examples of using the Ethereum blockchain platform, the
Robomed Network team is excited about this decentralized, cross-border
ecosystem of healthcare providers they’ve created, based on an open smart
contract and cryptocurrency.

history goes a couple of years back, to when co-founders Mironovich and Ivan
Devyatkov decided to combine their expertise from the IT and healthcare
sectors. Mironovich had been involved in the startup of several hospitals, and
Devyatkov was involved in scaling up the second-biggest healthcare laboratory
player in Russia. This is how the basic version of Robomed EHR emerged.

mission is to provide equal healthcare to the world,” said Mironovich. “This
means that Robomed aims toward constantly improving the effectiveness and
efficiency of healthcare services across its global platform.”

Note: Trading and investing in digital assets is speculative. Based on the shifting business and regulatory environment of such a new industry, this content should not be considered investment or legal advice.

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