Details about Robotina

Founded in 1990, Robotina has been focused with the supply and development of innovative automation and control technologies. The company has provided only qualitative services by using their Internet of Things (IoT) enabled hardware, cloud software and other high-tech solutions.

The people working for Robotina are experts in their respective domains, having gathered experience and skill over the years. The company has provided its services towel-known companies such as Hitachi and Panasonic.

Platform and objectives

The Robotina Platform will provide a vertical, high-tech solution to the current issues in energy management. The platform is comprised of Internet of Things (IoT) elements and the Power Platform (PP), and uses advanced technologies such as Smart Rules, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. The platform will run on a cloud infrastructure.

Robotina has already tested and demonstrated that 10 to 20% can be saved by using the latest developments in technology.

Robotina wants to create a community that will gain financial benefits which will also contribute to a greener environment by optimizing their energy consumption and reducing their emissions.

By 2020 Robotina has the goal of becoming one of the most important providers of specialized connected control devices and systems. To make this possible, the company has developed the appropriate technology:

  • Cybro-I, II and III (Q1/18) is a distributed control system that uses its hardware and software to efficiently adapt and overcome any potential problems. It is also the first IoT controller that can be programmed.
  • SMIP: Cloud (SaaS): is the platform that communicates with Cybro controllers which aims to bridge the gap between sensors and the Internet.

ICO features

The Robotina Utility token (ROX), which is based on the Ethereum token, will be used for transactions that take place on the platform. With this token, users can buy services and products that are sold on the Robotina platform with other cryptos, tokens or money. A special discount of 3% will be given to those that only purchase with ROX. Other payment methods will be converted to ROX and the rewards will be split between the community.

Users can also use the Robotina Utility Tokens (ROX) to participate in crowdfunding pro table projects that use ESCO or VPP schemes.

Token Symbol ROX
Start Bonus 10%
ICO launch date 20-02-2018
ICO end date 30-03-2018
Token Type Ethereum
Total supply 815000000
Price 0.05 $ ETH


Robotina platform benefits

1.Awareness and control

Energy Management System (EMS), HIQ-Home and other IoT that are connected to the platform will aid users in monitoring and managing their sites and IoT, giving users absolute control over them.

2.Energy efficiency and Dynamic energy pricing   

Through the many tools and technologies used, users will receive a faster ROI (Return on Investment) saving more than 20 % on their energy costs. This will also help reduce CO2 emissions and this will result in tax reductions.

3.Security and safety

The platform’s AI will detect and notify the user if any possible threats happen.

4.Energy efficiency – for corporate users and the like

Large and corporate consumers that are connected and use the services of the Robotina Platform, will reduce their energy consumption by nearly 30 %.

Robotina Vs Competitors

Robotina has activated for nearly 27 years, while its competitors Power Ledger and WePower, have barely passed the 2-year mark.

Robotina also has a higher optimization rate, 15% optimization which means 4 TWh in savings, compared to WePower’s 0.5 TWh. Also, Robotina used its own capital to develop and patent its technologies.

Robotina Power Ledger WePower
Manufacturing Yes Under development Under development
Technologies Applied 1.Blockchain

2.Internet of Things

3.Artificial Intelligence

1. Blockchain 1. Blockchain
Own Smart Grid R&D Yes No No
Business Track Record Yes No No
Project Concept IoT Solutions to Control, Manage and Reduc Energy Costs,

Energy Trade and


Interoperable energy

Trading platform


Renewable projects

Patents Yes No No


Robotina aims to change the game for the energy management market by developing and employing the most innovative smart connected solutions and technologies.

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