Electronics manufacturer Samsung just revealed it has released its blockchain and decentralized application (DApp) Software Development Kit (SDK).

According to the official post, the Samsung Blockchain SDK enables both users and developers to manage and backup their accounts, make payments, and store funds incold wallets. The SDK is apparently a superset of all SDKs, which also includes the Samsung Keystore SDK.

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“Samsung Blockchain SDK brings developers and consumers to the blockchain world by providing a full set of functions that the Decentralized App(DApp) or Blockchain App needs. The SDK helps developers to manage blockchain accounts easily. In addition, DApp does not need to make separate types of transaction that follows coin types by themselves anymore. The SDK offers a payment gateway for cryptocurrency remittance with its UI. To use this payment solution, DApp needs a keystore. With this, Samsung Blockchain SDK links users not only to the Samsung KeyStore but also to any external cold wallets as well.

The Samsung Blockchain SDK allows:

  • Generation, storage, management and backup of all valid accounts
  • The facilitation of a payment activity showing information to be signed and ensuring that authorization of digital signatures for purchases is done by secured cold wallet with the internal HAL interface of Blockchain SDK.
  • Enablement of cold wallets like Samsung KeyStore or other external cold wallets. (Currently, 1 device is allowed at an instance)
  • Creation of transaction and returning the result of transfer to a blockchain node (tx ID)
  • Developers’ mode: set your own HD path and restore customized HD-wallet, get/set RPC, set customized fee policy 

If you are a partner with Samsung, the additional features are available:

  • Blockchain specialized browser (Android WebView provider) for web DApps; Samsung Blockchain SDK catches blockchain transaction and popup a payment sheet.
  • The facilitation of getting transaction history by Samsung Blockchain Proxy Node’s off-chain DataBase.
  • Utilities: 3 steps fee estimation, fiat-cryptocurrency exchange rate, cryptocurrency price, ERC token information”- read the announcement.

The new Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S10, has made headlines when it launched as it features storage support for private cryptocurrency keys. A few months after the launch, users started speculating that the tech giant will start incorporating blockchain-enabled features into its budget smartphones.

The president and CEO of Samsung SDS has declared that the company’s incorporating of blockchain is a vital part of their “Digital Transformation Network” which will be rolled out in May.

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