Last night at half past two, the pool has found the block 481.823 – and SegWit has been switched live. After a long period of hesitation, hesitation and hesitation, the protocol upgrade is now really active. To use it, users have to wait for a wallet update.

I guess there are few software upgrades that provide for as much Traram as Segregated Witness, for short SegWit. Since this upgrade by Pieter Wuille was presented at the end of 2015, the Bitcoin community argues about it. You can only love it or hate it.

The one side of the community considers SegWit to be the absolutely superior solution to scale, as it gives a little more capacity to the blockchain via Softfork, but above all because it makes the way clear for offchain solutions like Lightning. For this site, any criticism of SegWit months before the release of the software was nothing but misinformation, either due to malice or technical incompetence. Most developers who are close to Core are enthusiastic about SegWit.

The other side of the community, however, finds that SegWit is “too little, too late” (too little, too late) and Bitcoin unnecessarily complicated. As BitcoinABC developer Amaury Sechet said, “SegWit is a complicated way to achieve relatively little,” and Peter Rizun of Bitcoin Unlimited goes so far as to declare SegWit for a dangerous change of bitcoin that undermines the integrity of transactions.

Either way: SegWit got a logo, SegWit was released, the miners did not activate SegWit, there was a Revolt of the Nodes (UASF) and the New York Agreement. Finally, the miners have deflected and activated the activation of SegWit.

Yesterday night it happened: SegWit was activated with block 481.823. The community celebrated this as a “historical” event around the world, in Berlin, Paris, Florida, Zurich, Bratislava, at SegWit parties.

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