The retail shopping industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, which is expected to soon hit a total of $28 Trillion soon. It is quite surprising to realize that this gigantic industry is yet to get a dose of the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution that has been taking over the markets! Shping is all set to bring in a revolution in the retail shopping and retail marketing sectors with the help of a blockchain based platform and cryptocurrency rewards for buyers!

Shping, short for Shopping, offers marketers with an easy and effective platform to reach out to their customers and advertise directly to them. It also allows marketers to set up a feedback mechanism and a platform for various market research activities. It is also a great platform for educating the consumers and making them aware about features of a product. The consumers, on the other hand, benefit with cryptocurrency rewards.

In addition to these aforementioned features, the Shping platform also aims at building a global product database. All transactions on the Shping network take place using the SHPING cryptocurrency, the Shping Coins. Let us take a detailed look at the various benefits the Shping platform has for brands, businesses as well as consumers:

Benefits of Shping for Consumers, Brands and Businesses

Shping is a retail marketing platform which is all set to innovate the way we know the retail marketing sector to be. The platform has benefits for consumers – as well as brands and businesses.

For businesses, Shping helps reduce the cost of marketing and market research spends. Brands can push product videos and product information straight to the consumers using the Shping apps. Consumers would be rewarded with Shping Coins for viewing those videos and reading the product information. This helps increase consumer awareness and helps them make better buying decisions. This also increases the brand awareness of the advertised brand.

Shping also helps brands reduce the market research costs as it allows brands to send product research forms and feedback surveys to the consumers using the Shping app. Consumers would be rewarded with cryptocurrencies for filling these surveys.

For consumers, the biggest benefit of the Shping platform is that they get cryptocurrency rewards. As cryptocurrency prices rise – the rewards will also rise. Moreover, these Shping Coins can later be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges in exchange for fiat money!

Participating in the SHPING Token Sale

The SHPING token sale is a golden opportunity for those who are looking forward to invest into the Shping platform. A total of 10 Billion Shping Coins will ever exist in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Out of these 10 Billion SHPING currencies, 3.7 Billion of them are on sale right now at a price of just $0.01 per Shping Coin. For those interested in the Shping Coin token sale – you can participate in it by visiting the Shping Coin token sale website:

The only other way you can get hold of Shping Coins at the moment is by getting them as an incentive on the Shping app. However, once the token sale gets over, the currency will get listed on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges and open market platforms from where you can buy them just like any other cryptocurrency. However, once these currencies get listed – the price is bound to increase. At $0.01 – this is perhaps the best opportunity to buy SHPING tokens!

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