The rate of emergence of new opportunities on the blockchain is a representation of the fundamental solutions that it brings to a technological ecosystem that is being recreated.

Making money from hitherto unused and previously non-valuable SMS is an innovation that is taking the industry by storm and becoming established as a viable solution system for A2P SMS users that are scattered all over the world.

A $63 billion market opportunity

Companies like Google, Facebook, Airlines, Banks and other corporations use A2P market services to send messages in form of passwords, automatic booking confirmations, one-time passwords, SMS-based two-factor authentication, e.t.c. The A2P SMS market is expected to generate a total revenue of up to $63 Billion in 2017. This figure reflects the opportunities available to be claimed by individuals by the implementation of the decentralization that is powered by companies like SMSCHAIN.

SMSCHAIN is the first decentralized SMS Gateway which enables mobile subscribers to exchange their unused or unlimited text messages for a financial reward.

A tokenized ecosystem

With the increasing demand of A2P SMS services globally, the native protocol token (SMSTO) of SMSCHAIN serves as a transaction tool that enables a financial communication between subscribers (Units), who earn these tokens by providing SMS delivery to clients (SMS Aggregators). Or the other way round, clients spend SMSTO to by text messages from regular mobile subscribers.

This system will open up the opportunity for a new stream of income for independent mobile users who subscribe to the platform. They simply sell their unused or unlimited text messages for a reasonable profit. This is an opportunity that never existed before now.

Apart from the benefit that SMSCHAIN offers to subscribers, it also reduces the cost of global A2P SMS for clients while enhancing a wider global coverage. Also, this system makes it unnecessary for the costly installation and maintenance of heavy infrastructure to serve as carriers just like is currently practised.

Making blockchain more attractive

Generally, blockchain implementation is serving as a liberating tool for regular people all over the world. Although the technology is still in its nascent stages, products like SMSCHAIN which provide direct beneficial opportunities for anyone to passively make money will go a long way in increasing the general adoption of the technology.

The viability of the SMSCHAIN offerings depends on the basic cost of SMS in the particular region of an individual, but in the overall sense, it is an opportunity that is out to change how the world appreciates resources that have been considered to be useless before now.

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