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Snovio, a lead generation and sourcing platform, announces its Token Sale starting 3 October 2017

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Snovio, a lead generation and sourcing platform, announces its Token Sale starting 3 October 2017 to raise $15 million to make a pivot towards the innovation the lead generation market needs.

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Snovio Minimum Viable Product

Snovio released the platform’s beta version in April 2017. Since that time, Snovio has built the database of 400,000 unique B2B leads and extended the service functionality with the following features:

  • Email Verifier that checks email addresses to ensure that the email list is valid and bounce-free.
  • LinkedIn Email Search used to find and save emails and more valuable data of LinkedInners.
  • Domain Search and Bulk Domain Search through which the users can extract emails along with names and job positions from various domains. It is reinforced with Prospect Search, Company Search and Linker (boolean search) being extremely handy when it comes to leads in specific fields.

Improvements and Innovations Ahead

As stated by Alexis Kratko, Snovio CEO and Founder, the platform aims to facilitate the process of lead generation and sourcing for all possible seekers of information. To do that, Snovio is going to transform the established methods of lead generation into the new decentralized one, power the platform by Blockchain and embed the smart contract.

  • Decentralized Search

Snovio’s crowdsourcing data collection technology will be based on a decentralized network of an unlimited number of contributors who will add new data to the system and update already existing information using Snovio Chrome Extension. The platform will reward data suppliers with SNOV tokens in the amount of 70% of the sold lead cost. Thanks to blockchain technology and smart contract, Snovio contributors will explore the transparent and fair revenue distribution model.

  • Marketplace

After the Token Sale, the platform will evolve into a Marketplace. A customer will place a data supply order and set a reward in SNOV tokens for the order fulfillment. A contributor or several contributors, being interested in receiving a reward, will perform a data search and submit the collected data back to the customer who will verify them and accept the order. After this, the contributors will receive the reward.

  • Mailing Service

Aside from working on data enrichment techniques, the team is also developing a mailing service that will enable the customers to create and launch an email campaign and automated triggered email series.

Upcoming Token Sale

A total of 2,5 billion SNOV tokens based on Ethereum blockchain will be generated and capped, and 60% of them will be available for purchase within 30 days from the token sale launch date. The success threshold is set as $5 million USD, while the hard cap – $15 million USD.

Pre-sale through the White List is already live and will continue till 2 October 2017.

Learn more about Snovio and upcoming Token Sale at:

Official website:

White Paper:







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