Software consumers are poised for the luxury of options and a competitively priced market as blockchain solutions platform, Spheris introduces a Decentralized Application Marketplace (DAM) into the software ecommerce ecosystem.

The Cost of Middlemen

The existing bureaucracy involved in getting software applications into the hands of consumers is clearly a major factor that leads to the exaggerated prices currently experienced in the software market.

Administrative and distribution fees charged by companies such as Google Play, Apple AppStore, Amazon AppStore, Steam and GOG are reasons why consumers are restricted to limited choices of available applications and high prices.

By limited choices, it means that due to such charges by the third party distribution companies, novel developers with limited financial capacity may not be able to make it into the mainstream marketplace, hence their works are not popular. Whereas the high prices are a reflection of the desire to make profit, or sometimes barely survive by the developers, having to pay all manner of fees just to reach their anticipated targets, the consumers.

Therefore, the move to eliminate the need to intermediaries may be one of the biggest disruption to be experienced in the software and applications marketplace in a long while.

The Benefits of an Expanded Market

The Spheris approach of decentralizing the software marketplace is a development that is expected to open-up the market and create room for new entrants. Consequently, the software market is expected to expand, and consumers enjoy the benefit of an expanded market which would adjust by an increase in value delivery and reduction in prices as a result of reduced cost of production and increased competition. 

To achieve this, Spheris is taking advantage of the robustness and flexibility offered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum offers blockchain storage protocols such as Swarm9 or IPFS10 that provide decentralized storage solutions, giving developers and consumers another optional layer of decentralization.

This flexibility enables Spheris to incorporate certain blockchain qualities unto the Decentralized Application Market such as:

Decentralization: No single entity holds the power. No fraud. No restrictions on who can participate. What’s yours is literally yours and only yours. 

Trustless: There is no need for a trusted third-party to keep a ledger. The blockchain acts as a ledger, keeping records publicly for anyone to verify. Trust between two parties becomes irrelevant, since the system is designed to work by verification without you relying on the other party. 

Anonymous: Without the need for trust, anonymity becomes possible while keeping the system entirely reliable. You decide if you want to be seen or not.

This Decentralized Application Marketplace also comprises of five separate, function-specific components that work together to form the whole of Spheris platform. The components are:

  • Catalog: A database of registered developers and applications.
  • Browser: The DAM interface.
  • Manager: An enhanced crypto wallet for managing subscriptions and payments.
  • Signal: An anti-piracy subscription validator component.
  • Storage: A storage integration framework for fast and easy remote content distribution.

Protecting the Real Stakeholders

The emergence of the blockchain is changing the way things are done in various industries. Most importantly, it is redefining priorities and repositioning rewards into the ideal hands while encouraging the ethics of proper value delivery.

In a nutshell, the aim of Spheris is to be the missing link between developers and consumers who are interested in purchasing or leasing software, since embracing decentralization will break the convention of having the need for third-party entities who collect fees on transactions.

Removal of corporate entities, such as credit card companies and banks, becomes possible coincidentally with maintaining core interests of both developers and consumers.

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