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Sony has filed a patent claim with the US Patent and Trademark Office for Digital Rights Management. Sony pointed out the loopholes in existing digital rights management technology and tried to innovate by introducing blockchain technology.

The digital rights management system uses blockchain technology to store customer identification information and provides limited access to digital products under copyright management. Sony has cited “UltraViolet,” a cloud-based locker for digital rights management.

The patent was filed jointly by Sony and its subsidiary, Sony Pictures Entertainment. The statement explains the concept of applying the patent system to movies, and claims that Sony can use it not only for movies, but also for music, audio, games, and medical data.

Sony’s specifications describe the potential of digital rights management systems. The copyright of each user is registered in the block chain, and the ledger indicating the copyright of the users starts with a genesis block and stores the identity information. For example, when a movie is purchased from a digital content, the copyright of the user is required according to the copyright information stored in the blockchain when the movie is downloaded.

The digital rights management system not only plays a role of authenticating copyright registered in the blockchain but also decrypts the content when the user needs it. The ‘digital rights management agent’ embedded in the user’s device can be created in various forms according to the characteristics of the blockchain.

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