Cryptocurrencies, according to Steve Bannon, are an important tool for the European anti-establishment movement. “We are taking control of the central banks,” said former US presidential chief strategist Steve Bannon on Tuesday evening in Zurich. “That will give us the power again.”

Bannon spoke at a “World Week” event on “The Populist Revolt and its Global Impact on Switzerland, Europe and America”. He chose Switzerland as an important location for cryptocurrencies for his first speech in Europe. The canton of Zug is home to dozens of companies in this sector. In Switzerland, “the heart” of the crypto movement is at home, said the 65-year-old.

Bannon accused central banks, governments and big tech companies of taking away the rights and identities of ordinary people and using them for their own purposes. The right-wing publicist, who had helped the American president win the election, is currently traveling through Europe. He wanted to get a picture of the populist movements and support the revolt against the political establishment.

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