Game Stars – a multifunctional gaming platform that tends to solve the eSports market problem – has just closed the pre-sale stage which had a great success. 25 million tokens were sold out, more than 51 ETH and 57 BTC were raised. GST token is already in a great demand and causing a great stir among crypto world participant.

Before the start of pre-sale, the project team has started negotiations with world-known exchanges. YoBit has already signed an agreement with Game Stars and GST tokens will be listed on the exchange after the end of the Token Sale. One more large exchange WEX – one of the TOP-30 on CoinMarketCap – has given a prior consent on working with the token.

The project is launching the 1st round of Token Sale on May 10th, 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0) that will last until May 27th, 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0). 300 million tokens available for purchase. As soon as the sale is over, unsold tokens will be burned. GST is expected to be in demand among eSports market participants and there might simply not be enough tokens for everyone willing to buy them.

Token Sale

During the 1st round of Token Sale, participants will have a chance to get up to 30% bonus on GST purchase. The price of the token is $0.035 and the minimum transaction amount is $10. As soon as the project reaches Hard Cap point the shortage of tokens can be caused by only 50.000 basic or 14.285 professional users signing up for the platform.

Platform Solutions

Game Stars is a big fish in the eSports market. GST tokens will increase in value and should be in your cryptocurrency portfolio. Solutions provided by the platform are changing the approach of users cooperation within eSports market. Game Sports solves major market problems mostly thanks to smart contracts that are issued for each player:

  1. Non-payment of prize money – Most players faced the problem when they haven’t received a full payment by the end of the tournament. As players rights are powered by smart contracts, prize fund money is automatically distributed between winners of the battle.
  2. High market entry threshold for players – When a player hasn’t gained a great popularity yet and doesn’t have enough money, he can’t develop professionally. Game Stars gives an opportunity for players to raise funding for further growth through selling personal tokens and participation in multiple tournaments.
  3. Poor market infrastructure – eSports is a relatively new market and didn’t have time to develop together with the growing demand and popularity. Game Stars creates a common space for all market participants: players, sponsors, advertisers, managers meet together to benefit from eSports. Moreover, the platform not only gives an access to multiple tournaments but also gives an opportunity for everyone to organize their own tournaments on selected terms and conditions.
  4. Replacement of tournaments conditions – For a while, it happened that terms of the tournament were changed right during the battle. Thanks to smart contracts the risk is completely excluded. Terms and conditions are placed in the blockchain and cannot be changed.

GST is a must-have of your cryptocurrency portfolio. Participate in Game Stars Token Sale on the official website. Subscribe to the accounts on Facebook, Telegram, and Telegram chat to get the latest news.

Images courtesy of Game Stars

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