The Ticino Cornèr Bank Group is expanding its range of cryptocurrencies and is now offering  Ethereum tracker. The two exchange-traded Ethereum Tracker One and Ethereum Tracker EURO reflected the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency Ethereum against the US dollar, the Cornèr Bank on Tuesday. They are traded on the Nasdaq OMX stock exchange in Stockholm.

Customers could invest in Ethereum without taking the obligation or the risk to own Ethereum, the Cornerbank said. This minimizes the risk of cybersecurity and storage. With a market capitalization of more than 30 billion USD, the currency Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency according to Bitcoin (capitalization of 94 billion USD).

In September, Cornèr Bank had already introduced tracker certificates “Bitcoin Tracker One” and “Bitcoin Tracker EURO”. These are based on the development of the bitcoin versus the USD. – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012

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