To promote the secure, efficient and steady development of cryptocurrency worldwide, they decided to launch the TBC Foundation to increase awareness of credible crypto-currencies based on blockchain across various industries throughout the world. The Foundation is headquartered in Singapore and is staffed by blockchain technology and cross-border banking and finance experts.

TBChain( is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency management platform that provides more secure and efficient cryptocurrency management services with higher ROI. It uses blockchain technology to solve the trust and incentives issues that are of keen interest to investors.

TBChain ecosystem is composed of three sections: C2C Cross-assets Transactions, Assets Deposits and Loans and Wealth Management. The C2C Cross-assets Transactions section allows investors to engage in real-time transactions of various assets, eliminating cumbersome intermediary procedure and commissions, thus allowing cryptocurrency to change hands more efficiently. The Assets Deposits and Loans section includes a crypto wallet function, so that ordinary investors can deposit, borrow and manage their crypto assets more easily. The Wealth Management section provides users with a great variety of channels to invest in cryptocurrency and enjoy sustainable returns.

In addition to the above three sections, TBChain plans to add: Credit Center, Private Bank, Crypto-currency Issuance and Micro Payment of Crypto Assets sections, among other innovative products and services. These new Fintech products will surely usher in a new era for cryptocurrency.

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