When the telegram was invented in 1844, a New York Herald reporter wrote: “There is nothing now left for invention to achieve but to discover news before it takes place.”

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While this in fact has not yet been made possible, we at Finance Magnates are offering you the next best thing. By clicking the link below, you will have a direct line to the very latest in cryptocurrency news, as it breaks, through the modern day version of the telegram – Telegram!

Finance Magnates is one of the world’s leading financial news sources. We cut our teeth covering financial news, covering all aspects of the financial world from company mergers to scam warnings, executive moves, forex results, binary options arrests, and much, much more.

Lately we have been focusing more and more on cryptocurrency, as indeed has the entire world. This new industry is in a constant state of flux as it tries to find its feet in a world which often doesn’t know what to make of it – governments are changing their attitude towards cryptocurrency seemingly every day. This is why keeping up with developments as they happen has never been more important.

Where is cryptocurrency regulated today? Where is it illegal? Is Bitcoin forking again? Which cryptocurrency is going to overtake Bitcoin? Is this whole thing just a bubble? When will it burst? With podcasts, interviews, analysis and 24 hour breaking news, we endeavour to answer all possible questions.

By joining our Telegram broadcast group, you ensure that you will always be in the know.

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The last telegram was sent by Western Union in 2006, but its descendant is going from strength to strength. As our loyal readers will know, we recently wrote about Telegram’s plans to capitalise on the cryptocurrency boom with its own massive ICO.

And if you missed that story, that just goes to show – you need to be a part of this group. To join, just click the link below, or search for @fmcrypto in the Telegram application.

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