Everyone uses instant messengers and chat applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat and more. Now, what if buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies was as easy as interacting with a friend over chat? TeleX AI is going to make it possible. It allows people to trade, store and invest in cryptocurrencies with a simple chat.

From desktop applications to web apps and then mobile apps, this is how interfaces have evolved over the years. The 21st century is now ready for another technological breaking point, the chatbot revolution. The next generation does not want to use complex interfaces to tackle simple tasks. In 2017, chatbots are poised to provide a platform where people connect to businesses. A survey conducted by Oracle found that 80% of marketing and sales professionals expect to be using chatbots to interact with their customers by 2020. Why not trade cryptocurrencies the same way?

Consider TeleX AI, an intelligent platform, whose token presale went live on 15th November 2017. TeleX AI is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence designed to provide cryptocurrency-related services through an instant messaging application interface. Both cryptocurrency users and investors use cryptocurrency wallets and exchange software to trade cryptocurrencies. TeleX AI will provide both wallets and exchange software as its primary services. It will save the user some time by eliminating the need to go through unnecessarily lengthy processes and getting used to new interfaces, which may be full of complex functionalities to learn.

TeleX AI

With TeleX AI, the user or investor can just open a chat window and start trading, without having to download or install any new application.

An initial market research conducted by TeleX AI team of developers showed that simplicity and convenience in user experience are what millennial cryptocurrency users are looking for. Users will be able to store their cryptocurrency fund in their Telegram account and send and receive coins among their peers instantly without a fee. Apart from buying and selling cryptocurrencies, access to a basic wallet and exchange infrastructure, the bot users will enjoy other TeleX AI infrastructure, including access to market data, sale of mining contracts, and sharing trading signals, among others.

When users purchase cryptocurrencies on TeleX AI, their account is credited with the exact amount of coins that are purchased from the external altcoins exchange without a fee. This model will hold for the experimental prototype period, but the production-ready TeleX AI will charge a fee.

Additional services such as trading signals subscription will require a fee payable in TeleX AI Tokens, which will be the platform’s native currency.

For convenience, a certain amount of TeleX AI Tokens will be on sale, and whenever a user has to pay a fee, the tokens will be automatically bought from the market price and the fee settled seamlessly. The TeleX AI Tokens will be in limited supply meaning their value should be positively correlated with TeleX AI’s market penetration.

More information about the project and its ongoing crowdsale are available on the website.


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