Cryptocurrency has created so much buzz over the past five years, and so many people have made a fortune from this digital oilfield. However, many others cannot figure out their way around its complexities. Therefore, a solution must be created as soon as possible because of its volatility and tendency to lose big if not approached with adequate knowledge, as this will foster wider adoption of cryptocurrency globally.

Tezro: The Ideal Blockchain-Based Solution

Although many apps are being developed to assist users in better navigating the crypto world and making transactions, it is difficult to find an app that meets every need of the modern-day crypto user.

A platform that makes transactions more seamless, as well as taking care of socializing and making file sharing between app users more fun – this and more is what Tezro offers.

Tezro is a blockchain-based user-centric app that allows new and experienced crypto users to enjoy instant communication, tap into DeFi services and possibilities, exchange money for goods and services, and make crypto transactions and investments easily and securely. Tezro also has a very user-friendly interface for easy and enjoyable interaction.

You would also love to know that Tezro is the first and only app that combines virtual communications with digital financial transactions. As a result, it addresses one of the key issues with centralized finance – the involvement of middlemen.

Users’ Asset Security is a Top Priority 

While Tezro’s core objective is to create a socially connected crypto community, it doesn’t fail prioritize security. Tezro provides a security feature for users who conduct transactions on the platform. When you send funds to another user, you can lock the funds and request documents to verify the claim of the funds. When you receive documents from the user, the funds are immediately released.

Once the funds are locked, the client’s account will receive them, but they will not have access to them for the next 1 to 180 days due to the escrow system. You can release the funds to the client at any time.

Furthermore, if there is a disagreement between the transaction’s parties, you can click on the ‘Dispute’ button. As a result, the dispute will be resolved through arbitration, which will consider evidence from legal authorities, documents from all parties, and visual reports in photos or video files. The escrow funds will be secured by the winner of the dispute, depending on the outcome of the arbitration process.

Additional Perks and Future Developments

Tezro promises its users many amazing benefits, including Tezro Gifts, Online shopping, Multi-currency QR Code Integration, and Access to New Cards.

Tezro is currently developing a blockchain NFT auction system that will allow users to digitize wealth, buy, sell, or auction off luxury goods, and receive payment directly through the app. In addition, users will soon be able to purchase a limited number of NFT Tezro branded t-shirts, and for each t-shirt purchased, users will earn money. According to the team, this feature is expected to be available within the next 12 months.

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