A team of world-renowned real estate and investments banking professionals will develop a decentralized real estate investment platform and launch Thaler — a security token backed by real estate assets

Zurich, Switzerland – March 19, 2018 – Thaler.One, the decentralized investment fund, has announced plans to introduce a next-generation real estate marketplace powered by Thaler, the pioneering stable coin. Aiming to disrupt the $220 trillion property market, Thaler.One expects a user base of millions of private investors around the globe and its Assets Under Management (AUM) to reach more than $5 billion by 2021.

Founder and CEO of Thaler.One Will Andrich said, “With high volatility in the cryptocurrency market, the growing importance of diversification, pressure on cross-border investments, high transaction costs and the lack of liquidity, the time is ripe for an overhaul of existing standards for digital transactions in the industry. By tokenizing traditional real estate assets – historically, less volatile than cryptocurrencies and gold – Thaler.One plans to open the international property market to wider range of private investors and provide these investors with a way to diversify and rebalance portfolios, without having to leave the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

Thaler is designed as a well-structured, blockchain-secured stable coin. Determined  to become the preferred cryptocurrency for daily digital transactions in the real estate market, Thaler will be backed by property assets, predominantly located in the EU and the UK. Thaler.One, the blockchain-based investment fund, will treat Thaler as a security token, in compliance with EU laws, and file it with the SEC. According to its founders, the fund will focus on co-work, co-live and healthcare-related property.

Thaler.One is currently in the final stage of a private token sale. Seeking to raise further capital, the fund will conduct a pre-sale event, commencing early April, 2018.

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About Thaler.One

Thaler.One is a decentralized investment fund, professionally managed and advised by a team of world-renowned real estate and investment banking professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience. Will Andrich, the fund’s Founder and CEO, a professional investment banker, held leadership positions at Morgan Stanley, LCF Rothschild and Astor Capital.

The Thaler.One Advisory Board includes Michael Lange (Managing Partner at ACG, Former Chairman of the Board at JLL), Mattia Rattaggi (Swiss Crypto Valley Association, former UBS Group executive), Saydam Salaheddin (Head of EMEA Real Estate, Credit Suisse), Stephen Inscoe (serial entrepreneur in the real estate tech) and Anton Zanimonets (ICO Advisor).

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