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We have officially arrived in the third quarter of 2018, it’s quite alarming to see how fast this year seems to be passing by. From the perspective of a Cryptocurrency enthusiast though, we can’t help but wish for time to accelerate. To move beyond the dreary market conditions which have plague ICOs for the last six months and reach the land of greener pastures. Telegram groups have become silos of turmoil containing investors who are ultimately panic-stricken and share a feeling of impending doom as they are watching their investments slowly reduce in value. Erratic claims that “Crypto is dead”, it’s almost laughable. If you are having doubts, relax, look at the bigger picture and let’s put things into perspective.

Cast your mind back to a year ago. Cryptocurrency regulations were merely just a fantasy for investors. I certainly didn’t expect to see it happen so soon. Back then, the only mainstream news covering Cryptocurrencies were extremely negative and a blatant attempt to damage Cryptocurrency beyond repair. Over the last eight months, we have seen a meteoric rise in prime time media coverage and a complete shift in judgment from the voices which were once negative. They realized the game-changing potential that blockchain technology has to offer. When you have the ten biggest global corporations making their knowledge of our technology publicly known, you know that we are headed are on the right path.

When you look at the current market situation, you have to understand that the market is being controlled whether you like it or not. The individuals that are controlling the market and the professional investors on the cusp of entering it have enough money to buy all of the Cryptocurrency if they could. The market decline is a deliberate maneuver to shake out every bag holder they can find by testing their patience and resolve. Look at what is happening around the market. When you have banks and institutional investors waiting to pour capital into the market and invest in something which we already possess, feel comfort in that. These people aren’t in the business of losing money, they will push for maximum profit and make it as easy as possible for the rest of the world to use Cryptocurrencies. Greener lands are coming, just keep calm and hold on for dear life.

1. Metabase

The phrase “ blockchain 4.0” gets thrown around a lot in the crypto sphere. It is impossible to predict which platform will be blockchain 4.0 but one thing is for certain, we can all agree that blockchains are evolving. It’s the natural process for business. Once a standard is established, everyone in the space then works to that standard. It becomes the benchmark for best practices but also illuminates any flaws which may need to be focused on and improved. The blockchain space is an excellent example of this at the moment. We have seen a progression in the quality of blockchains but also a selection of fundamental problems which need to be addressed before the entire world can utilize them. New blockchains entering the market have the benefit of starting later and learning all of the mistakes made by those before them.

Metabase is building their own blockchain, structured to tackle key issues in scaling which is a prerequisite in order for us to attain global usage. The Metabase protocol handles the scaling challenge in a number of ways. As the number of users increases beyond a predetermined point, the Metabase blockchain will automatically Chain-split and scale horizontally to initiate an increase in the transaction throughput. With additional features like the Ray network, Spectrum network for off-chain payments and priority pools for immediate preferential transactions, it stands the Metabase blockchain in a favorable position to ultimately solve scalability issues and attain the right to be called blockchain 4.0.

Metabase have scheduled an ICO for the Meta token

When – The Pre-ICO is currently running and is scheduled to end August 7th, 2018. The ICO will begin on September 4th, 2018 and will run until October 16th, 2018. The ICO will end sooner if the Hardcap has been reached

Token –  Meta

Price – 1 Meta= $0.02 USD

Supply – A total supply of 8 billion tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 2.4 billion (30%) tokens to be sold

Platform –  Metabase

Accepting – ETH, USD & BTC

Hardcap – $41.84 million USD

A link to the Metabase whitepaper

Where to participate in the Metabase ICO

2. Gamb

One industry being represented within the Cryptocurrency market which no one seems to have attained a tight grasp of yet is the merchant commerce vertical. Which isn’t a surprise because it is, without doubt, the industry most poised for disruption. When a project with serious weight behind it, starts making inroads with regards to ushering new life into the Cryptocurrency market, they will establish themselves as a long-term front runner in the league of Cryptocurrencies.

Gamb is the blockchain enigma created by Gambio, the German market leader for e-commerce software with more than 25,000 active merchants. Gambio is currently turning over an annual revenue of 2.7 billion U.S dollars. It is safe to say that they have a lot of weight behind them moving forward. With the edition of blockchain technology, they can provide an immutable profile database for all of their merchants and the transactions taking place within their store. The Gamb platform will also contain its own marketplace which gives their users the option to sell items natively within their own store or showcase it inside the Gamb marketplace. With a keen eye to avoid any form of a centralized business model, Gamb is creating a governance model which enables token holders to have voting power and a collective voice. Aiding merchants to guide newly proposed implementations on the platform in a direction most favorable for their business.

Gamb have scheduled an ICO for the GMB token

When – The Pre-ICO will open on July 4th, 2018 and is scheduled to end July 31st, 2018. The ICO will begin on August 1st, 2018 and will run until August 31st, 2018. The ICO will end sooner if the Hardcap has been reached

Token – GMB

Price – 1 GMB = 0.0002 ETH

Supply – A total supply of 5 billion tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 1.75 billion (35%) tokens to be sold

Platform –  Ethereum

Accepting – ETH

Hardcap – $30 million USD

A link to the Gamb whitepaper

Where to participate in the Gamb ICO

3. Einc

The entrepreneur’s toolkit. Many blockchains are targeting the already thriving global corporations who are looking to plug in and access blockchain technology. Ethereum and Einc are targeting the entrepreneurs of the world, launching their organizations from ground zero. According to the GEM 2017 / 2018 Global Report, close to 300 million entrepreneurs launched 150 million startups in the last year. The attentive project founders have realized that creating a decentralized autonomous organization is the most fruitful means to harness blockchain technology. As time moves on and the technology begins to practically demonstrate it’s qualities, we will see a sharp increase in the number of startups becoming decentralized. In the case of 100 million decentralized organizations being created in the next few years, do you think Ethereum can handle them all? The space needs a plethora of options for constructing decentralized architecture.

Einc forked from the Ethereum blockchain at block height number 5078585 and went onto launch their own decentralized organizational toolbox, housed on their very own blockchain. The Einc blockchain has a built-in Turing-complete programming language, allowing anyone to create their own decentralized organization. The Einc blockchain has an interesting option for in-house DApps made available for startups ready to deploy like voting and payments mechanisms, pushing for a frictionless environment. Einc claims to have reduced block time from 15s to 6s which went on to improve the network transaction per second by 250%, the transaction confirmation speed by 250% and the miner reward by a rate of 250%. Einc launched a total of 7 nodes in Mainnet and 3 nodes in Ropsten in February, earlier this year.

Einc have scheduled an ICO for the ETI token

When – The ICO opens July 15th, 2018 and will run until July 25th, 2018. The ICO will end sooner if the Hardcap has been reached

Token – ETI

Price – 1 ETI = $0.10 USD

Supply – A total supply of 997,528,142 tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 450 Million (45.11%) tokens to be sold

Platform – Einc

Accepting – ETH

Hardcap – $22 million USD

A link to the Einc whitepaper

Where to participate in the Einc ICO

4. 0xcert

Cryptokitties demonstrated that a whole new paradigm within the space was accessible and ripe for exploration. Showing us all that creative assets can be stored on the blockchain, known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT is essentially a way of exhibiting digital scarcity and is unique in the way that it locks in the value of the asset whilst also storing the key data which renders the item unique. Imagine a world where you can create a non-fungible token for any digital item which holds inherent value. We create an entirely different perspective on rightful ownership. Certificates and deeds of ownership can be verified, validated and transferred to a new owner within a matter of minutes. It also opens up a whole new climate for digital content creators. By tokenizing sought-after information, they can generate a bespoke revenue model which is dynamic due to the air of exclusiveness surrounding limited availability.

0xcert are constructing a plug in and play framework, allowing anyone to create, store and transfer non-fungible tokens. By providing a complete toolset, the protocol establishes standardization and certification for all assets created within it. Through specific DApps contained inside the ecosystem, users can create a non-fungible token which is tailor-made for the type of application they desire. These span across an extensive range of use cases like identification, certificates, deeds, ownership of land/property, collectible ownership and much more functionality which is only limited by the imagination. With the lead developer of the ERC-721 standard also working onboard their team, it bodes a profound message about the future of 0xcert going forward.

0xcert have scheduled an ICO for the ZXC token

When – The public presale will open on July 2nd, 2018 and is scheduled to end July 4th, 2018. The ICO will begin on July 4th, 2018 and will run until July 18th, 2018. The ICO will end sooner if the Hardcap has been reached

Token – ZXC

Price – 1 ETH = 10,000 ZXC

Supply – A total supply of 500 million tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 250 Million (50%) tokens to be sold

Platform – Ethereum

Accepting – ETH

Hardcap – 20,000 ETH

A link to the 0xcert whitepaper

Where to participate in the 0xcert ICO

5. OEL Foundation

Cryptocurrency is facilitating the era of true transparency. Companies can conduct their business knowing that vital information about the company they’re doing business with is stored on the blockchain and it is immutable. The blockchain isn’t just a medium for transacting currency, anything of value can be stored and transferred through it. From a logistical standpoint, blockchain technology has the ability to organize and streamline an industry which is craving a shake-up in organizational prowess. Inefficiencies in the process have resulted in trillions of dollars being extracted from the industry due to penalties from late delivery, theft or pilferage, and product damage.

The Open Enterprise Logistics Foundation is a non-profit organization providing governance and resources through development of their OEL blockchain ecosystem. The foundation is made up of a growing number of organizations, solely focused on creating a new benchmark in decentralized logistics. The first step in this process is to transcend from the improvident and time-consuming paper trail onto the OEL blockchain, an immutable and auditable public ledger. Creating an efficient, transparent, and frugal method for recording documentation and events occurring around the clock inside its own logistical timeline.

OEL Foundation has scheduled an ICO for the OPN token

When – The ICO will begin on March 28th, 2018 and will run until May 31st, 2018. The ICO will end sooner if the Hardcap has been reached

Token – OPN

Price – 1 OPN= $0.50 USD

Supply – A total supply of 100 million tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 62.475 Million (62.48%) tokens to be sold

Platform –  Ethereum (initially)

Accepting – ETH, USD & AUD

Hardcap – $15 million USD

A link to the OEL Foundation whitepaper

Where to participate in the OEL Foundation ICO

6. Codex Protocol

The number one objective for any investor is to accrue as much profit as possible and ultimately become an extremely wealthy individual. At this stage, they can now take the time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The savvy investor will find ways of doing this whilst also branching out to explore new avenues which can provide aids in consolidating their wealth and potentially grow it further. By diversifying their portfolio into collectible items such as fine art, classic cars, and bespoke jewelry, they are redistributing their wealth the smart way. Enjoying the lavish delicacies in life, which not only hold their worth but continue to grow in value as the items grow older.

Codex is a decentralized registry specializing in the sale of unique assets which is backed by a consortium of industry leaders, who maintain control of over 5000 auction houses worldwide. With any timeless asset, it’s the information which adds context into the life of the item and gives it intrinsic value. Codex is on a mission to record, register and verify the key data for every unique asset passing through their consortium of auction houses. Locking in the history and value of the items by storing it on the Ethereum blockchain. The Codex platform will be an ecosystem for the newly founded wealthy crypto enthusiasts, to provide them with a means of buying unique and luxurious items directly with their Cryptocurrency.

Codex has scheduled an ICO for the CODX token

When – Whitelisting for the ICO is open from 2nd – 6th of July, 2018. The ICO is scheduled for late July and is open to whitelisted members only.

Token – CODX

Price – 1 CODX = $0.067 USD

Supply – A total supply of 1 billion tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 400 Million (40%) tokens to be sold

Platform – Ethereum

Accepting – ETH

Hardcap – $15 million USD

A link to the Codex whitepaper

Where to participate in the Codex ICO


For most of you that have previously invested in an ICO, which I’m estimating 90% of you have, you will of bear witness to the erratic environment it has become. Many crowd sales tend to transform into a congested sales funnel, with so many people trying to invest the moment the window opens. I have always been a little curious as to why Ethereum never provided a framework to actually host the crowd sales for the projects building upon it. A structured environment for investors to feel safe in whilst they buy the Cryptocurrency they desire. If we had an ecosystem which provided a standard for token sales, we would be able to locate the bad apples within the community who scam the community out of their money. The current method creates a breeding ground for this activity because they can very easily hop from one project to the next.

Daox is creating a multifunctional DAO ecosystem which provides projects with the tools they need to construct the organization but also a platform to attain the required crowdfunding they needed too. Once a new DAO has been formed they become a member of the open Daox Ecosystem and gain access to an essential number of investors, startups, and third-party services that can be integrated via a Daox Open API. One of the main catalysts which caught my attention and drew me to this particular ICO was the fact that all funds collected at the end of the crowdsale were stored inside the DEO. Unreachable by singular individuals within the organization. The only way to withdraw funding was to request formally as a team and then they must get clearance by the investors holding the DXC token. This provides a transparent fail-safe and excellent protection for the investors from any shady characters which may be lurking inside a project. It is a demonstration of decentralization at it’s finest.

DAOX have scheduled an ICO for the DXC token

When – The Pre-ICO is currently running and is scheduled to end August 10th, 2018. The ICO is scheduled to take place from August to October 2018. The ICO will end sooner if the Hardcap has been reached

Token – DXC

Price – 1 DXC= $0.20 USD

Supply – A total supply of 400 million tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 280 Million (70%) tokens to be sold

Platform –  Ethereum

Accepting – ETH & BTC

Hardcap – $30 million USD

A link to the DAOX whitepaper

Where to participate in the DAOX ICO

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