The number of times the term ‘NFT’ was searched on Google has exponentially taken over all other online trends. Thus continuing to maintain its dominance in 2022, it has to be even more significant this year.

They’ve surpassed the initial stages of just being “digital art.” The sky’s the absolute limit when it comes to the relevance and the use cases of NFTs. 

Many more sectors will employ NFTs in the future because of their efficiency, verification, and elimination of intermediaries. By 2022, large corporations and well-known brands will play a more significant role in NFTs. 

Most industry analysts say metaverse or gaming-related NFTs will be the most popular this year. 

This year, the rise of ‘metaverses’ and gaming platforms on the blockchain will significantly expand non-fungible coins in 2022. The NFT business may be constrained by regulation this year, but the influx of huge companies eager to join will help it thrive nevertheless.

With blockchain technology offering up new chances for players to get rewarded for their time, games have revived under NFTs. Since Crypto Kitties laid the groundwork for play-to-earn games in 2017, several NFT projects have included them in their roadmaps in the second half of 2021. 

Beyond that, Decentralised Autonomous organizations or DAOs are fundamentally different from typical company startups in that they are open, transparent, and decentralized; instead of stock, Tokens will be used. They are, perhaps, more trustworthy and permit real-time wealth distribution. 

DAOs have grown in importance as the year has proceeded, with several collections including creating a DAO on their roadmap, allowing collectors to vote in the project’s destiny. 

DAOs will continue to flourish in 2022, hand in hand with NFTs. Likewise, Coinfanstasy has beautifully integrated the four most vital elements; NFTs, the metaverse, play-to-earn, and a DAO.

CoinFantasy‘s mission is to gamify crypto-stock markets by using multiple game genres as a Layer 2 platform on top of the primary markets. It will first provide portfolio management fantasy games, in which anybody may design a crypto/stock lineup and compete against others for prizes. 

As they go through the platform, users will mint rare NFTs, which grants bonus points in the game. By playing in-game, users can acquire various NFTs with varying characteristics. Users who hold these collectible and transferable NFTs can start earning passive income on the side. 

DecentaLand Dao, Coinfantasy, BeetsDAO are some of the coveted up-and-coming DAOs that have proven to offer immense potential, in conjunction with their NFTs. 

The dramatic rise of non-fungible tokens caused considerable suspicion, as non-fungible tokens were seen as a bubble at the start of the year. NFTs, on the other hand, have shown their worth and are quickly becoming one of the metaverse’s most essential components. 

NFTs will become increasingly helpful in these digital environments as businesses like Facebook’s Meta, Nike, and Microsoft continue their metaverse initiatives. With major corporations such as Visa investing in NFTs, tokenization is poised to disrupt various sectors while gaining acceptance as the metaverse’s digital ownership certificates.

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