With the abundance of blockchain projects being built during this bear market, the web 3.0 community is being faced with a challenge; how to identify a solid project that is being created for the long term? 

In order to help the community navigate this new innovative space, We have highlighted a few key elements that need to be identified on the project’s websites. 

The first element would be no surprise as a solid and clear whitepaper is essential for understanding the ins and outs of a blockchain project. A whitepaper serves as the base layer of information for the community as well as investors and various entities participating in said project. The second element is crucial to the success of a web 3 venture: a clear long-term roadmap. This element present in the whitepaper indicates the direction in which the project is heading as well as a clear step-by-step explanation of the venture for diverse stakeholders. 

As a blockchain project, it is crucial that you convey information effectively and educate your community. While providing information to various stakeholders, it is indeed necessary to filter chunks of content and replace them with straightforward elements such as short videos and animations. The last key element needed for a successful project website stands within its creators, the team working every day to build this web 3 space needs to be highlighted within the website structure for the community to gain trust. 

The new Megatech website features a minimalist approach to efficiency. All information displayed is aimed at educating the community and investors about the values and goals of the project. With an array of short videos and animated elements, the team drastically improved the user experience. Additionally, with the addition of the new pancake swap integration, token holders can directly swap their tokens on the website with ease. With this new rebranding phase completed, Megatech is aiming to become South Africa’s number one blockchain project as an answer to the real-world climate crisis. 

About Megatech (MGT)

Megatech, in answer to Africa’s and the world’s energy problem, by utilizing blockchain technology, MGT provides token holders with financial returns on solar fields owned by the company. The first field, called project Beta, ​​is a 60MW solar farm and will include 100MWh of state-of-the-art storage technology to ensure maximum profitability and the opportunity to sell green renewable energy at peak rates to blue-chip listed entities; that have already signed commitments for offtake. Furthermore, 40% of all financial gains realized from this project and future pipeline projects will vest in the MGT (PTY) LTD custodian company which fiduciary directors independently manage on behalf of the token holders who participate in the performance staking program.

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