Fight to Fame is the first Blockchain-based sports and entertainment platform that is going to revolutionize the use of Blockchain technology. It is providing a famed platform to the fighting professionals and artists to become the next Hollywood Action superstars. The firm is organizing an Action Star Reality show in partnership with famous Hollywood production groups. 

The project is creating a blockchain technology platform that is fuelling everything from fair monetizing opportunities for contestants to the global engagement of fans. Moreover, renowned fighters like Rigan Machado and Roy Junes Jr. and the No. 1 Cage Announcer Carlos Kremer, are in collaboration with the Fight to Fame and have created the platform for the unrecognized talents from across the globe.

The superb advantage for the fighters in this tournament by Fight to Fame is that this reality show will not only provide the platform to win the competition and get a break in Hollywood movies but also earn through every stage. This benefit is offered to contestants through blockchain technology as they can get fame while participating in every stage of this reality show. The FF token that is brought by the fans across the globe to witness these live events will monetize the championship stages.

Now, let’s see how this technology will help the sports and fighting industries to rise to the next level.

Blockchain Technology and Its Role in Sports and Fighting Industries

Fight to Fame is bridging the gap between sports, entertainment, and blockchain industries. The introduction of this global engagement platform will help the fighters as well as fans to support their idols and receive direct access to various events during the show. But, the question is what role blockchain is going to perform in both these industries and take them to the next level. Here’s how it is going to nurture new talent, help provide transparency to fans, and monetize the whole sports entertainment platform.

  • No More Hacking Activities: The hacking and tampering with online transaction activities were taking a toll in traditional sports and entertainment industries. By combining the blockchain technology with the sports and fighting industry, it is providing full-proof security to consumer’s details. Even the use of a decentralized system of purchasing Fight to Fame tokens has made the system very secure.
  • Transparency: As this sports-entertainment system is based on blockchain technology, so it is transparent and secured. Even in the early stages also, this system is bringing in many innovations that are instilling trust amongst the players and the fans. 
  • No Tampering of Records: Another benefit of using Blockchain technology in sports and fighting events is that it is impossible to tamper the records. This platform is trustworthy, and the audience and fighters will not have any problem in providing their personal details.
  • Decentralized System: The decentralized system in the sports and fighting industries is removing the need for having any middlemen. The fans can directly purchase the tickets without paying a large chunk of money to the middlemen. Moreover, this technology helps the entertainment industry artists to receive their due money. They can also navigate the complex contracts on this system with ease.
  • Anonymity and Security: Blockchain technology is a great savior of the audience and contestant’s private information too. It provides security and anonymity as only the owner has access to private keys. This will not lead to hacking of transactions, and public broadcasting is done to secure the data on different levels. 
  • Use of Smart Contracts: This is one of the key benefits of using blockchain technology in these two industries. The artists and the contestants from the sports entertainment industry can understand where their profits are moving as everything, whether legal or illegal gets recorded. No piracy can be done, and contestants and fans can earn the right amount of profit they have put in these events. 

Blockchain is an innovative technology that is making its place in every type of industry. The potential growth of Blockchain has made fighting, sports, and entertainment industries to include it for attracting the fans base. The proper use of this technology by platforms like Fight to Fame is going to be very big for the industry. 

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