Bitcoin Press Release: Calfin Global Crypto Exchange is a new state of the art four in one hybrid platform, setting itself leagues ahead of the blockchain world.

May 11th, 2018, Location – Cryptocurrency exchanges often only offer just that – a platform in which you can buy and sell a variety of digital currencies. As the demand for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies increases, exchanges haven’t quite managed to keep up with the innovations that blockchain startups provide and have been ‘single purpose’ for quite some time now.

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange (CGCX) has a vision for change; should cryptocurrency exchanges wish to not only survive but thrive in the era of blockchain they need to provide a lot more than just investment opportunities. CGCX tightly wraps four essential modules into one sophisticated platform, going beyond the standards of the exchanges available today.

CGCX Platform Features

Firstly, the easy to navigate the exchange module has all the classic traits of a high functioning exchange with a versatile range of available order types and attributes amongst other innovations that give CGCX an edge.  On top of this, the exchange boasts multiple and competitive fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange rates, which include: Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Korean Won, Singapore Dollar (SGD) and more.

CGCX also boasts a payment system which brings an easily integrated point-of-sale system for merchants who wish to accept cryptocurrencies. For businesses in e-commerce, the CGCX plugin or API is an excellent tool with features such as:

  • Multi-Currency Conversion
  • Integrated exchange rates
  • Know your customer
  • Reports & Analytics

Members of CGCX who are customers and using merchant platform will receive discounts, promotions and be part of the CGCX global loyalty programme. The third module is an ICO platform bringing the entry barriers to the prevalent crowdfunding method down. CGCX will perform all the legal and ethical checks prior to listing an ICO in the voting pool, which is where registered users can vote to have an ICO listed on the exchange and easily participate in the sales.

Smart Contracts are the fourth module in the CGCX arsenal that ties the platforms functionality, speed and cost efficiency together; CGCX facilitates the digitisation and creation of certain types of assets, i.e. trade agreements and bank instruments. This allows for settlements to happen automatically, self-executable trades and settlements will trigger once the predefined conditions of the contract are met. This improves turnaround time with a low transaction cost.

The CGCX exchange is also insured against cyber attacks – which means that all tokens held within wallets within the exchange are protected, relieving CGCX wallet owners of concerns regarding how their cryptocurrencies are stored. This will ensure an organic growth of the platform long-term.

CGCX Token Sale and Token Economics

The platform will have its own utility token aptly named CGCX; the ERC20 compliant token supports all Ethereum (ETH) wallets. A quantity of 1 Billion CGCX tokens will be offered, which is 50% of the total issuance volume of 2 Billion. CGCX tokens will be priced at 1 ETH per 8500 CGCX tokens.

The token Pre-Sale is live with a 20% bonus ending May 25th, 2018, and the Main Sale begins June 1st, 2018 and ends June 30th, 2018. The CGCX token is a key part of the platform’s ecosystem; the tokens can be used as the payment for transaction costs of trades and earn discounts on transactions fees as detailed below.

–       Year 1 = 50% Discount

–       Year 2 = 25% Discount

–       Year 3 = 15% Discount

–       Year 4 = 6.5% Discount

–       Year 5+ = 5% Discount

Decades of collective financial and blockchain experience have been accrued by the team, and through this they understand that the exchange should focus inherently on cyber-security as well as newcomers just getting into crypto, or larger, institutional investors who are trading huge accounts.
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