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The bitcoin wallet is used to store bitcoins. Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that can be used globally. As we can see the word cryptocurrency consists of two different words ‘crypto’ and ‘currency’ which means ‘secret money’. It is more precisely and technically easy to say as ‘invisible money’ whose value is increasing day by day.

History Of A Bitcoin

In 2008, a person or a group released a sheet of paper describing a digital cryptocurrency using block chain software where a system can create invisible money and give a value to it to help people in daily life buyings, sellings, transactions, investments, and so on. In 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto founded found it, an open-sourced cryptocurrency named bitcoin was released into the market. Initially its value was a few cents which later increased to thousands. Later on, many cryptocurrencies came into the market but bitcoin is always the first among all as it was born first.

Advantages Of Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency)

  • Fraud-proof
  • Decentralized
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Enhanced security
  • An online currency

Process Included In Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency)

As bitcoin is a decentralized currency there are only a few sites where we can buy bitcoins. Sites like coin base, robin hood, binance, square cash. We have to open an account providing the basic details whence the sites. The creation of your account will be furnished with a wallet in it which is called a bitcoin wallet’.​ There in our account,​ we can see the value of bitcoin, available bitcoins, number of transactions, etc.

We can invest in using bitcoins and earn money. If we made a transaction using bitcoin the amount will not be transferred immediately into the account of the receiver as the main moto of cryptocurrency is catering to a fraud-proof environment there are the people in the middle of the transaction who are abstrusely called as miners whose stint is called as mining. Mining activity appends the validation of a transaction.

What’s The Reason Behind Mining?

As we know, to make the use of bitcoin they have to be procured by the users which embroil personal money. These miners without investing the money in buying the cryptocurrency they ought to invest in the high-end machines which are used to endorse the transactions made by the users or the bitcoin users. For every validation, they are awarded convinced pursuance of bitcoins to their accounts. At the same time, they are the ones who have to be choosy and conscientious about the working of their systems, as if the system is crashed the total amount of bitcoins owned by the miner will be lost which causes a terrible situation.

How Can We Earn Money Using Bitcoin

Yes, we can earn money using bitcoin, but how? There’s a saying “Every problem has its solution”. Conventionally we can have two different approaches to earn money in the crypto world. The first approach is the process of exchanging the number of bitcoins you have with you to get the double amount of coins for example if you have 2 bitcoins if there is a rise in the value then you can exchange the 2 bitcoins to get more money in another currency (mostly USD) which is the safest way to earn. The second is investing in our miner to get the profit. The practice of earning money in the crypto world is more often known as trading. Trading is the easiest, the fastest, and also the riskiest way to earn money through Bitcoin so it advises all the amatuer traders to have an eagle eye on every step they take.

Value Of A Bitcoin

To be honest I was surprised on knowing the naked truth that bitcoin not only has value but also the craziest increase in it. One cannot predict the value of a bitcoin as its total bank on the demand.

Buying bitcoin can be done by one’s currency in their own country. Based on the value the traders can enjoy the prosper.

Is It Safe To Invest In A Bitcoin

One should not make a quick step to invest in bitcoin, peculiarly the beginners’, everyone should research it properly as your innocence can be benefited by others’ witch thoughts. Bitcoin is very capricious in that the more purchases of bitcoins can boost the appraisal at the same time the more sellings can decrease the value of the bitcoin. So it is called volatile. Before buying a bitcoin we should know about the security as it doesn’t have any authority to solve the problem. Always stored in an online bitcoin wallet can be hacked once in a while unfortunately so the safest option is to store in the mobile wallet service. It is far more the best way to store the private keys in a hardware device which is known as “Hardware Wallet”. The popular hardware wallets are Ledger and TREZOR. Bitcoin transactions cannot be cancelled once they are initiated and once the coins are deducted from your wallet they cannot be returned unless you contact the receiver so it is very important to double the transaction before you initiate it.

Acceptance Of Bitcoin

Before being a bitcoin user it is better to investigate or to make research on the companies which can accept your bitcoins. Among the massive companies that accept bitcoin transactions are Dell, PayPal, Microsoft, and many more. It is also important to know whether bitcoin is legal or not in your respective country. It is important to know the legality because you cannot be surrounded by any illegal actions around you. Why would any government disacknowledge cryptocurrency as illegal? As there is no centralized authority which can cause the loss of money and at the same time if this bitcoin cryptocurrency is popularised there can be reduced value in normal currency.

New ideas and technologies can be invented which helps the development of a country but it is also important to know that there are always positives and negatives in every stand so we must circumspect every phase.

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