Did you know that more than 80% of hacks involve a password breach? What was once a state-of-the-art way to protect your data is the equivalent of putting Fort Knox under the protection of an 18th century colonist with a musket.

What if you could circumvent passwords altogether and provide a far more secure and robust solution for human and machine authentication?

According to one promising cyber security startup, you can!

REMME – a cyber security blockchain startup aims to provide next-gen access protection by making passwords obsolete. The company just finished its token sale with great success, raising $20MM and they believe the future of security lies in blockchain.

How does the crypto-security process work?

REMME has built a distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol (PKId) and a set of Access Management DApps on top of it to facilitate and resolve access management. Instead of a password, the user generates a specific SSL/TLS certificate for each device. The certificate data is managed on the blockchain, which makes it extremely difficult for hackers to use fake certificates.

Since there is no central server, there’s nothing for hackers to attack, and users can enjoy the seamlessness and simplicity of one-click, two-factor authentication to access their data. And since REMME’s products are super affordable, they’re open to a range of companies and individuals around the world.

What has REMME learned about password-free crypto security?

The process requires extensive research. The REMME team explored the development of a balanced economic model for the REM token and the choice of a suitable platform for the implementation of the sidechain. Finally, less than 10 days after completing a successful token sale, REMME is to release the alpha 0.1.0 version of its Core protocol.

After numerous experiments, REMME’s R&D team decided to develop a custom blockchain for the core of the platform. As a foundation, they used Hyperledger Sawtooth because it was the most relevant blockchain for the requirements of the REMME product.

What has REMME been doing all this time? I need unhackable password-free security now!

As Alex Momot, REMME’s Founder and CEO put it, “We’re working on a solution which is fast, despite its reliance on blockchain technology.”

REMME began work in 2015 when its founders realized the growing threat of cyber security to large companies around the world. It has since conducted pilot tests with more than 80 different companies.

In early 2016, REMME product released the first closed beta version of its product on the Emercoin blockchain and followed it with the second version on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The first release of REMME Core 0.1.0 alpha laid the foundation for the REMME protocol, including:

  • The architecture and high-level logic of working with SSL / TLS certificates has been developed and
  • The basic elements of the economy of the REM token have been integrated.
  • A command-line interface (CLI) for convenient access to the core functionality (issuing and revoking certificates, transferring REM tokens between users) has also been incorporated.

What does the third iteration of the REMME product do for me?

The new system provides REMME’s customers with constant prices and high throughput and compliance with state-of-the-art standards. SSL/TLS certificates digitally bind data using cryptography. When coupled with blockchain technology, REMME creates an unbreakable fortress against cyber-attacks.

How is REMME going to advance password-free security next?

For the next release, the REMME team plans to focus on the inter-blockchain token migration component. It will facilitate use of the REM token, initially released on the Ethereum platform, on the REMME blockchain.

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