As the crypto community expands through disruptive new projects, secure transfer of intellectual property, contracts, and finances is essential. Ties.Network solves this problem through an ethereum-based business platform built on Ties.DB – the world’s first decentralized public database. Ties.Network enables its users to find, collaborate and transact with professionals using its TIE token. Smart contracts allow users to create teams and projects securely.

Enter Krowdmentor

Krowdmentor is a strategic advisory firm that empowers blockchain startups, funds, and entrepreneurs to reach their funding and liquidity goals. As a result, any affiliation with the firm both helps steer blockchain companies in the right direction to create a robust product with a disruptive vision. 

The Ties.Network team met Krowdmentor founder and Managing Partner Mike Costache in June 2017 when Costache gave the team two complimentary tickets to the 7th edition of d10e in Tel Aviv. They flew out from Moscow to attend the Blockchain conference, and for the next four months Costache mentored the team. After four months of guidance from Krowdmentor, Costache ran into the Ties.Network team in Moscow for another Blockchain conference – and at this point they had raised over $4.8m in a mere 3 days. Today Krowdmentor’s Mike Costache, Brad Yasah, and Frank Frausto are joining the official Ties.Network advisory board.

In addition to his role at Krowdmentor, Costache is the founder of the Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC), and serves on the Advisory board of Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), the first ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to investments in blockchain assets, and Science Blockchain (SCI), the first ever tokenized incubator of blockchain companies. In addition to Costache, Brad Yasar features over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the equity crowdfunding space, and Frank Frausto boasts over 14 years of experience at Google, watching the company grow from $18B to $640B in valuation. 

Ties.Network Team

The Ties.Network team is lead by CEO Alexander Neymark, who has developed financial services for almost two decades. His most recent work consisted of implementing financial user data into Krawlly, a software company that aggregates account data to provide solutions for MFOs, banks, e-wallets, PFM, CRM-systems, insurance companies, and cell operators. CTO Dimitry Kochin features a PhD in Technical Sciences and has over a decade of entrepreneurial IT experience. And since 2014, Kochin has studied Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Token Sale and Economics

Ties.Networks’ Ethereum ERC-20, ERC-223 token sale commenced 5 days ago on September, and so far they have collected $5,256,574 of their targeted $33,600,000, which is 24,659,929.14 of their 140,000,000 tokens. Their target amount is $33.6 million and their total token supply is 140,000,000 TIE – placing the value per token at $0.24. The sale closes on October 12 and they plan on allocating the BTC and ETH raised accordingly:

  • 31% Marketing support
  • 19% IT Functions
  • 20% Business
  • 16% Support Functions
  • 14% Overheads

There are 4 days left in the Ties.Network token sale. Go here to contribute to the project.

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