Tithecoin launched its ICO on the 25th of December 2016. The Initial Coin Offering (or ICO) will continue till the end of March 2017 but interested people get the chance to win a bonus of 10% for participating in the first month of the ICO. So the early investors definitely get some good profit.

The ICO, according to the Counterparty project, allows participants to swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, Counterparty and/or Steem for Tithecoin at bonus rates (eg. +15% during the 1st week!).

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The aim of Tithecoin is to invest in projects that fall between charity and commercial investments, and often lack funding because of it. By being a tradeable asset for speculation, as well as having dividends paid on a monthly basis, there will be a nice profit in it for early investors and benefactors.

Tithecoin is basically defined as supporting /investing in projects that fall between charity and pure commerce, by the company. Therefore, providing the crypto-community the chance to ‘do good and make a profit” at the same time.

The bonus offered to the investors will reduce from 10% in the first month of the ICO to 5% in the second month, i.e. February, 2017. So, the early you invest, the better the payout.

Moreover, there are many other bounties to be won. There are 100,000 Tithecoin Reserved for Bounties! Links to all your tweets, articles, or anything that will gain you rewards must be posted in this thread before Sunday at 12pm for that particular week. Payouts of Bounties are in April 2017 (after the ICO ends).

There are various bounties on simple things like subscribing to their newsletter at, following and retweeting them on Twitter, being an active community member; also people can help them in translation to win some rewards.

So, if you want to make some good profit on the side while helping to make a difference, Tithecoin is highly recommended. Also investing as soon as possible is more lucrative due to the promise of 10% bonus.

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