A lot of cryptocurrency users are looking for ways to make their coins generate more revenue. One could argue trading other currencies and assets is the right way to go. Then again, not everyone wants to take this route. Lending Bitcoin on exchanges is another way to generate a small profit over time. Below are three of the main platforms where cryptocurrency lending is quite popular these days.

3. Coincheck

Surprisingly enough, Japanese exchanges do not shy away from lending services. To many people, this will come as a big surprise. Then again, the open regulation in the country allows for more leniency when it comes to these types of services. Coincheck introduced cryptocurrency lending quite some time ago, and they recently improved the service even further. As of right now, lenders will earn a maximum interest rate of 5%, which is quite generous.

It is evident the main focus of Coincheck lies on Bitcoin lending. However, the platform also supports additional currencies, including Monero, Factom, Augur, Ether, and XRP. All loans will be refunded together with the usage fee when the loan period ends. It is not possible to exchange currencies by lending them, which is only normal. No lending platform supports that functionality at this time.

2. Bitfinex

Storing funds long-term in an exchange wallet is never a good idea, and the Bitfinex users found that out the hard way about a year ago. That being said, the platform still provides lending services, referred to as Margin Funding. This feature effectively allows users to provide funding in the form of multiple currencies to Bitfinex traders. Users can determine their own return rate, duration, and amount, as is the case with any of these three platforms.

It is rather interesting to note Bitfinex users can lend money in fiat currency as well. Most platforms only support cryptocurrency, yet this exchange is quite different. It is possible to borrow USD as well, which is quite interesting. It is unclear how popular lending is on Bitfinex right now ever since the platform got hacked last year, though. Then again, it is an option well worth considering for everyone who wants to explore lending options in the world of cryptocurrency.

1. Poloniex

No one will be surprised to learn most of the cryptocurrency-oriented lending is taking place on Poloniex right now. The company has been a great source of lending services over the past few years. Poloniex also supports a wide range of currencies, which certainly helps to move things along. Right now, the platform supports currencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Doge, Dash, Litecoin, and others. There is no fiat currency lending on Poloniex, though, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

There appears to be quite the market for lending on Poloniex, which is good to see. Then again, more competition also means a lot of people will earn a lot less money as a result. Competition in cryptocurrency lending is both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you want to look at it. Right now, the loan offers for Bitcoin are at around 0.15%, which is quite decent. Do keep in mind the loan offers often outweigh the loan demands, though.

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