Many people want to get their hands on Monero (XMR) for free. Monero faucets are a great place to start your journey of earning free XMR.

In this article, we review the best monero faucets available in 2020, how to use them and how to select the right faucet.

A monero faucet is a website or app that enables you to earn some Monero (XMR) for performing small tasks such as watching ads and completing captchas.

Monero is a cryptocurrency that focuses on protecting the privacy of the user. Transactions on the monero network are opaque and hard to track. Since it launched in 2014, the currency has become very popular, leading to various faucet platforms being built around it.

Here are the best Monero faucets in 2020:

Most monero faucet reviews agree that this is one of the best platforms to earn free monero. allows you to claim a reward every 60 minutes. You can earn between 0.000005 to 0.025 XMR per claim.

In the past, allowed users to mine XMR online using their computer resources on the site. Unfortunately, the site does not run that service anymore. faucet highlights:

  1. Claim every 60 minutes
  2. Loyalty bonus program
  3. Earn up to 0.025 per claim

Visit faucet:

Express Faucet

Express Faucet allows you to earn monero and other cryptocurrencies. You can claim your reward every 240 minutes after completing a captcha.

The site has a lottery game that rewards lucky users extra monero if they win the lottery. All users have to create an “express crypto ID” to join the faucet.

Payments are made to faucethub micro-wallet accounts.

Express Faucet highlights:

  1. Claim every 240 minutes
  2. Lottery bonus
  3. Earn up to 0.00042754 XMR

Visit faucet:

Still one of the few high reward cryptocurrency faucets, is a site to look at if you want to earn free monero. 

You can claim up to 0.00001716 XMR every 5 minutes on Payments are made directly to your monero wallet FacetHub wallet. faucet highlights:

  1. Claim every 5 minutes
  2. Direct payments to wallet.
  3. No payment threshold
  4. Earn up to 0.00001716 XMR per claim

Visit faucet:

How To Select The Best Monero Faucet

Faucets are a quick and fun way to earn money; however, they will not make you a fortune immediately.

When picking faucets to spend your time one, check the time interval and payout ratio. Also, check the requirements involved. Some websites do not require sign-ups, while others do.

Defunct Monero Faucets

A couple of reviews still mention some sites that not work anymore. We have made a list of these sites, so you do not waste your time.


It was a popular site when it used to function. Users could claim up to 0.00000959 XMR every 240 minutes. The domain is still live; however, the faucet doesn’t operate anymore.

ClaimFreeCoins Monero

Another widespread monero faucet that does not operate anymore. The domain is no more live just like the faucet.

This site used to give users a decent payout of 5,000 piconero every 5 minutes.

Other monera faucets that are now defunct include Claim Free XMR, MyCryptoHub, and Cointerfuge.

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