Lugano Switzerland, June 27, 2018, In anticipation of its upcoming cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a commitment to exceeding common security standards and has ensured the early implementation of a comprehensive security program.

During its ICO, rigid security controls and systems were deployed, and as a result, was able to fend off numerous cyber-attacks and attempted hacks on the website and our users.

To further strengthen its guarantee of a trusted, reliable and safe platform, as reported earlier this year, we have employed a world-class security officer and a highly trained team with the ability to enhance trade’s cybersecurity robustness.

As a result, the following technologies, practices and procedures have therefore been implemented:

  • A multi-layered protection for users to sign in to the platform using several authentication methods. In addition, is implementing and enforcing only secured communications for its users with the platform.
  • The exchange will employ proprietary algorithms for the sake of ensuring security to the exchange funds and wallets architecture.
  • Extensive risk assessments, penetration tests, architecture reviews and code review processes are conducted by internal and external security experts, working under international known standards and methodologies, to make sure the platform is secured via best practices.
  • An in-house professional cybersecurity team that will monitor the platform 24/7 for anomalies related to the exchange, user accounts and activities.
  • Working methodologies based on international known standards such as the NIST framework and use of top of the line security products to secure internal systems.
  • Bank-level security monitoring systems that allows to quickly detect and block cyber incidents related to the platform, users accounts or internal systems.
  • Cybersecurity is integrated in all of the development stages including design, implementation and testing.’s Head of Security, Ari Propper, commented, “We are using innovative industry-leading technologies to detect, protect and respond quickly to cyber events. We have a team of experts with vast knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity field as well as deep and strong connections in the industry that allows us to consult, review and test relevancy of cybersecurity technologies continuously. We are treating cyber defence as an ongoing process and integrating it in all of the development and business activities.”’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Voltron, also commented, “Our security approach towards securing the exchange is holistic, other than protecting the exchange with a multi-layered defence tactics, we are enhancing our employee’s awareness for cyber events, we protect our business processes and our internal technologies.”

“When it comes to security, the team is firm on not cutting any corners and is committed to having an exchange that clients feel safe using.”

To pre-register for the cryptocurrency exchange, visitors can join the waiting list on this page:

About is a next-generation financial institution based on blockchain technology, providing the ultimate in security and transparency. By leveraging decades of experience in the investment banking, trading & FinTech sectors, and combining them with the power and transparency of the distributed ledger, has created a truly unique exchange that will revolutionize asset trading and investment banking.

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