Zug, Switzerland, December 19, 2017, Upcoming ICO, has teamed up with blockchain innovators, Modular Inc. (formerly Majoolr) to employ Modular’s new Blosym system. Blosym is an all-in-one platform for distributed applications. Blosym will simplify the use of Ethereum applications by offering an easy point-and-click interface for smart contract deployments and point-and-click token crowdfunding participation. Current research and development is underway for future point-and-click distributed applications.

The relationship empowers’s platform with Modular’s security focus on the back-end, usability on the front-end, along with integrating second layer network scaling tech such as TrueBit, thereby creating a synergistic advantage between the two companies in terms of unlocking mainstream adoption for blockchain technology.

On the development, Charles Voltron,’s CTO commented, “This partnership is significant with regards to executing on our initiative on assisting companies to ICO on the platform in a safe and efficient manner by also utilizing the Blosym platform. The ability to cut down the amount of time for a company to ICO without compromising on security will be beneficial to the dozens of companies we have waiting to list their token on the platform once we launch. What usually takes upwards of 3-4 months will now take a few weeks, and allow companies to focus on the fund raise rather than the technical concerns.

Christopher Brown, CEO of Modular Inc, commented, “We’re excited to work with and offer Blosym to its client base as they establish themselves as one of the leaders amongst crypto exchanges.”

Ethereum has reached a $51B market cap this year despite losses of over $100M due to source code glitches, web phishing, and private key hacks. All of this due to early technology still finding its way, Modular is a group of 6 developers actively problem solving in the Ethereum ecosystem. Modular has a full open source repository which can be found at: has just started its ICO and has raised upwards of $17 million from over 7,000 participants.

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