Data indicates that the global medical cannabis market in 2021 was valued at 25.65 billion. With the increased adoption of cannabis for the treatment of chronic conditions and the favorable legislation witnessed across the globe, this number is expected to increase to 176.005 billion by 2030. While this is generally good news, the majority of the market is monopolized by big pharmaceutical companies, leaving the local growers and distributors at a disadvantage. 

This is whereJuicyFields crowdgrowing platform comes in. The online-based platform connects e-growers with small-scale producers and distributors across the globe by acting as the link. Crowdgrowing allows anyone to buy plants in cannabis production regardless of their location and local cannabis laws. For as little as €50, one can purchase a plant and help a small business expand and improve while getting profits in return. How does this work?

Crowdgrowing brings together cannabis businesses in need of funding (licensed producers and distributors) and the funder/e-grower (someone looking to venture into the cannabis business but wants to avoid the licensing barrier and operational cost). JuicyField acts as the intermediary. The e-grower buys clones from the platform, the clones are cultivated by licensed partners and sold once they reach maturity. The cash from the sales is divided among the three players: JuicyFields, the e-grower, and the licensed partner. An e-grower gets to join the medical cannabis industry and make profits repeatedly without;

  • Using up a large amount of money
  • Investing in land or grow rooms
  • Cultivating the plants themselves
  • Looking for distribution connections
  • Experiencing business risks primarily associated with start-up businesses
  • Using up personal time
  • Hiring and training employees and management
  • Hiring a team of service providers, such as lawyers

Traditional investing vs. crowdgrowing 

Crowdgrowing differs from traditional investing in that the profit is pre-determined before the e-grower invests their cash. Traditional investing, aka investing in the stock market, involves buying shares whose value is dependent on future value estimations. Due to the changes in economic trends, the economic performance of the business, and the supply and demand of goods or services, stock prices experience constant fluctuations. 

The high risk (losing all the investment) involved and volatility of stock prices places crowdgrowing as the better choice for anyone looking for assured profit for their investment. As of 20th April 2022, the year-to-date performance of top companies was as follows. 

  1. Amazon: -11.23% 
  2. Bitcoin: -13.41% 
  3. Adobe: -23.67% 
  4. Salesforce: -26.69% 
  5. Square: -29.12% 
  6. Shopify: -60.47%
  7. Moderna: -35.62% 
  8. Netflix: -35.90% 
  9. Facebook: -40.30% 
  10. PayPal: -50.58% 
  11. Rivian: -64.19% 

An e-grower on the Crowdgrowing platform has an assured 36% profit for every complete growth cycle and 3.5 times their initial payment within four years, depending on the category chosen. While professional investors are taking a loss, regular e-growers will soon be harvesting their second crop of the year, making massive profits. 

About JuicyFields Crowdgrowing platform

This revolutionary platform started as an idea back in 2020. Such a massive platform requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of cannabis cultivation. This includes potential markets, laws and regulations in multiple countries and states, profit-promoting strategies, and how to set it all up to work seamlessly. It took a few years, but the Crowdgrowing platform was finally founded in 2017 and launched in 2020. 

Since then, JuicyFields has created multiple dozen partnerships and employed over 80 people. The management, which includes CEO Alan Glanse, uses strict selection criteria before picking partners to work with. This helps contain the risk of the e-grower not getting their yields. JuicyFields guarantees 99% protection over risk. The 1% is for uncontrollable factors, such as natural disasters or military actions.

Crowdgrowing platform’s performance since inception and future projections

JuicyFields has offices in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Malta, and the Netherlands. A large portion of its medical cannabis cultivation is done in Colombia, South Africa, and Portugal. In less than two years, the Crowdgrowing platform has doubled its production. 

According to the 2021 3rd quarter results, the crowdgrowing platform had 135,000 users visiting the site, its cultivating facilities exceeded 56,000sqm, and it produced 37 tons of medical cannabis. The company’s target is the Canadian and Europe markets, two of the biggest medical cannabis markets globally among others. 

JuicyFields, being a medical cannabis derivative producer, aims to conquer 1.5% of the medical cannabis market share by 2025. This, alongside the growth of the crowdgrowing platform, will place the company among the top global leaders in the medical cannabis industry. 

How to join the crowdgrowing platform 

To become a passive income earner through the crowdgrowing platform, you must be 21 years or older. The country of residence is not an issue regardless of the medical cannabis laws. This is because your role as an e-grower is to provide funds in someone else’s legal and regulated business and sit back, waiting for the returns. Below is a highlight of the steps you need to take to join the platform. For a more detailed guide, check here.

  • Register on the platform
  • Visit the clone shop
  • Select the plant of choice
  • Make a purchase
  • Select payment option
  • Provide billing information

Take away 

JuiceFields has successfully created a one-of-a-kind, functional, and profitable platform that actively contributes to the growth of the medical cannabis industry without forgetting about small-scale businesses. Since its inception, the company has experienced an upward trajectory in profits, proving itself the best choice for investors compared to stock investing. By creating solid and reliable partnerships with producers and distributors along with serious investor backing, Juice Fields’ crowdgrowing platform takes e-grower assurance to the next level.

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