Whether planning a romantic getaway or a family reunion, those bitten by the travel bug will surely take advantage of this week’s Travel Tip centered around locations in Europe which won’t break the bank. TravelBlock’s top destination choices for couples or for history-hunters are made more feasible for the budget-conscious with their cost-effective tips to consider during travels.

Since the BETA platform launch on July 28, we are seeing a lot of interest on traveling with the lower cost and safety accorded by innovative booking on the blockchain platform. TravelBlock’s gotten positive reviews as well as a smattering of skeptical comments, but the good news is, travel booking on the BETA platform will continue until September when the full platform is released. Slow response times to KYC issues caused by the large numbers of people registering for the beta test have now been resolved.

TravelBlock Roadmap

Notwithstanding skeptics, TravelBlock continues to keep its ICO roadmap in sight with more partnership announcements and offers lined up for new members/token holders of the first booking platform on the blockchain:

  • Earn 5% bonus TRVL reward tokens on all your travel purchases.
  • Invite new friends who signed up on your referral link to buy TRVL tokens with great bonuses (get bonus TRVL tokens or bonus vacations).
  • Token holders who buy 7 ETH worth of TRVL tokens will get a free 7-day vacation stay at one of TravelBlock’s signature resorts (check the site for availability).

Pre-sale token holders are automatically being given access to the beta software and discount travel search engine, but it is still possible for people who missed the pre-sale to give the beta a test drive by getting an invitation from a friend who joined the pre-sale, or through one of their beta launch token offerings coming soon. You must be a TRVL token holder to access the beta. See in the screenshot some of its features.

(Comparison from a user with the Telegram handle @marinerpj)

The TRVL token also provides a reward system for travel, so you can essentially “get paid to travel”. The more you travel, the more Reward TRVL Tokens you receive. This innovative system rewards token users, while also minimizing the volatility of the token. Reward TRVL tokens can be spent on any travel booked through the TravelBlock booking engine, but they are not tradable on exchanges like regular TRVL tokens will be.

Those who were not able to get the free vacation offer during the pre-sale will be able to qualify for a 7-for-7 special offer available soon during the ongoing beta test. Token holders who buy 7 ETH worth of TRVL tokens will get a free 7-day vacation stay at one of TravelBlock’s signature resorts (check site for availability).

Please see the terms and conditions for instructions:

(Comparison from a user with the Telegram handle @BoomBoomBaby)

What Is TRVL and how can it reduce travel costs?

In contrast with GDS/OTA, #TrvlBlock does not function as an intermediary agency facilitating transactions between providers and customers. Instead, it embraces a straightforward cost-plus retail model.

The TRVL token is an ERC20 based token that provides access to the TravelBlock travel network and its discounts. Holding TRVL tokens allows access to the TravelBlock Closed Consumer Group (CCG), which allows usage of the TravelBlock booking website where discounted travel offers are listed.

Because it is a closed consumer group for token holders only, there are no limitations to the types and sizes of discounts they can provide, and they can apply to any and every resort, hotel, flight, and cruise around the world. These are discounts that are not allowed to be listed publicly outside of the closed consumer group.

TravelBlock’s platform operates as a members-only system and it has effectively worked its way around “rate integrity” agreements which allows it to offer travel packages at a much lower cost to its members. This feature also guarantees that prices will not be adjusted based on the members’ spending and web browsing patterns.

One precaution, book your vacations ONLY where you see this logo:

These discounted prices are only allowed to be listed in a private closed consumer group (CCG), so TravelBlock is warning the community not to fall for pricing scams or look-a-like scams. Make sure you are logged into the TravelBlock Beta site and only access purchases through the official TravelBlock platform.

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